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Is this a good multiplayer game? I've played through Four Sword Adventures and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on GC with my friends and I'm looking for another good multiplayer. I heard about PSO and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it's worth it. And if you don't think it's good, are there any other multiplayer games you could recommend?



Sure, it's a good game....for its time. It's still pretty good, but enough time has passed since it was released that it feels a bit antiquated.

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I played more than 420 hours in Phantasy Online Episode I&II so it's definately worth it.

4 player co-op splitscreen is addicting if you have 3 other players with Gamecube controllers around.


I still play this one on occasions. It's certainly one of my favorite games of all time. This is also the best version of PSO, although Phantasy Star 0 is newer I don't think it's as good a game. It's even fun if you play by yourself. I would definitely give it a try at least.



I think I definitely want to pick up I & II for GC just for a good multiplayer experience, thanks

Now you guys got me interested in Phantasy Star Zero though. Tell me, how does the online stuff work?



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