Topic: Parents upset over new Nintendo console - a con to make you spend more money

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( 1991 video)

We should direct the anger at the people that are trying to make a living.

That's practically what they're saying in that therapy session.



They actually made therapy sessions for this?
Also, the Animal crossing video was hilarious.


I... just... what? I can't really comprehend on how stupid news reporters are...

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I don't know whats sadder that they reported on it, or people actually needed therapy from it. To add insult to injury that mom they interview was smarter than all of them combined, at least she recognized its just an expensive electronic devise and isn't worth it since her kids will be happy with what they have.

Luckily we won't have that problem as much since the kids who grew up during the 8 & 16 bit generations will have passed everything on to their kids, and so on and so forth. Its to the point where just about everybody will have grew up playing video games of some kind and will understand them,



Well of course it can be seen somehow hilarious and dismissed easily. Especially in a biased forum.
But those old videos showed the reaction of non gamer society to newly invented things like video game addiction in the 90ties.
Of course the reporters are unfounded and silly, but well that just teaches you that u have to watch your news carefully no matter what topic is hot. Especially in usa maybe.

It's a long way from mario addiction to WoW devastated lifes. But i think its a good development that people start to think about overdone game dependency be it non gamers or gamers alike.


Nowadays consumers can't seem to stay away from $500 devices that only seem to have just a few changes

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Mr_LztheBleh wrote:

Nowadays consumers can't seem to stay away from $500 devices that only seem to have just a few changes

Yea look at what Apple does almost every year with their IPHONE. They make little updates and sell them for high prices and people go crazy for them.



iPhones cost too much for too little upgrades, at least videogames do more (no not Mario) and you have to buy a new system once every 7 years instead of every 18 months

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Dear parents
think about what u just said now go look up a company called apple...

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moomoo wrote:

I'm always serious..

Said nobody ever.

kkslider5552000 wrote:

Certain parents being stupid is not anything new. What I want to know is, wtf was with the part with F-Zero? That is like some bizarre parody of bad special effects.

Easily my favorite part of the video. xD

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Ha. To think that LJM's video was released a couple years ago.
Today, children can not only get away with talking to strangers over the Internet, but are so gullible, they will beg their parents for anything (the yearly COD title, an iPhone, ANYTHING) and get it the next hour.

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I knew that Tortimir was up to something! I will no longer play Animal Crossing, and will sell my Wii, Xbox, and Webkinz video game systems. Also, I'm not buying the Wii U because it costs twice as much as the Wii. I love my new iPhone 5 though. It's not much different from my old 4S, but it's amazing because Apple made it and Apple would never scam anybody. Totally worth hundreds of dollars. I bought every single iPhone and iPad Apple has ever made.

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lol the good old 80's and 90's I remember my old man always called my Megadrive a 'Hitachi' ha ha! whenever I was playing for too long he would say “get off that damn Hitachi for effs sake” then ask me why I was laughing



To think that's one of my local news channels...

Lots of censorship here...
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LordSEGA95 wrote:

FonistofCruxis wrote:

@MasAussieBloke How did he come up with the name Hitachi?

I believe that's a television company. He probably referred to the television that was most likely labeled with the company name.

I used a Panasonic TV I think Hitachi was the only Japanese electronics company he knew of at the time so everything was a Hitachi



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