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Hey all! (first post)
i was just playing my N64 for the first time in quite a while and i was noticing alot of blurriness and "dot drag" (or whatever it's called) and so, upon some research, i've come to the conclusion that i should get a S-Video cable, however, my TV (46" Samsung Flatscreen LCD) has neither S-Video or SCART inputs, only HDMI, VGA and Composite...

so the main thing i wanted to know was whether i should get a S-Video to VGA cable type adapter like...
Or a s-video to HDMI box type upscaler like...

Thanks for reading! hopefully i get a good answer from one of you!



While all region N64s support S-Video, you need a rewired S-Video Cable for PAL N64s, otherwise the picture will be too bright. Get one from here:

Using that S-Video to HDMI will work, but how well it does the job, I can't say. At least with, there is a return policy, so you could return it.




yeah, i knew about the rewired PAL s-video adapters

also, i am going to check in the storage if my old CRT screen has SCART or S-Video outputs

and what is best out of S-Video and SCART? and does a non-modded PAL N64 support scart (im pretty sure it only needs a rewired cable doesnt it?)



the old CRT only has Composite and S-Video, will there be much of a difference of them on an old CRT?



I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm, but I think you will get a better picture on your old CRT TV.

I got an n64 last week and it looked horrendous on my 50inch Panasonic super duper plasma TV. I brought an old 32inch CRT off of a local ad site for £5 and the n64 looks great. It is hooked up via scart but I can't imagine it would be massively different with s-video.

On a side note. I played the n64 at my mates house on his cheap new LCD TV and the picture looked ok too. It must depend on the TV.

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@Hitchy127 Hello welcome to Nintendo Life! I'm very pleased I saw your thread because I'm in my element with this technical stuff haha. You should definitely set up your N64 on your CRT TV, they belong together like Mario and mushrooms! In fact, anything Standard Definition looks best on a CRT TV, even a Wii. CRTs are wonderful because they have a natural smoothening effect due to the nature of the display, and they also have the greatest colour accuracy of the display technologies.

Connecting it up with an S-Video lead should give you a noticeable improvement in picture quality over the standard composite, but either way will be much better then playing on an LCD TV!

@3DS_excel A 32 inch TV for £5? Nice bargain!

@Shroom_Muncher I've never seen an RGB modded N64 in person, but I've heard that it looks brilliant so as long as you don't mind modifying your console then it sounds like it's well worth it! I would love to get the best possible picture from my N64 too, but it's so precious to me that I'm uneasy about modifying it.



You need to get yourself a CRT that will fix your problem in a jiffy. Those older systems weren't meant to be played on these newer HDTVs. Besides you can pick up a CRT for $20 or less at a garage sale or a thrift store.

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I have found the best thing you can do for a N64 is hook it up to a small tv. It looks good running on my 24 inch lcd in 4/3.and that's with the old school antenna connector.

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