Topic: Original Super Mario Bros. vs. Super Mario Bros. (All Stars Version)

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Super Mario Bros. DX is the correct answer

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beatalLiToaD wrote:

I like the originals way more too. In my opinion it's better to go with the VC versions if you want a save feature. Why you ask ? Because they really are original. I don't really like the idea of all four games to have the main basic set of art style. The only exception to me is Super Mario Bros. 2 ("The Lost Levels"). I just can't stand the strange graphics in the original version.
[sub]And i decided to get the anniversary edition anyway.

Pretty much this, plus all 4 All-Stars games reuse the same SFX(It's been a while, so I may be wrong) and use SFX that's too simular to SMWorld. I never cared for the All-Star Versions growing up, the originals are far more distinct in their sound and visual presentation and are the only way to fly imo. So the original SMB it tis!

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It's been two years since I replied to this thread but my opinion has not changed. No question. original Super Mario Bros all the way. The game is truly legendary with it's significance. Plus the All Stars version has those nasty physics.

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I was looking up All Stars and clicked on this thread thinking "I wonder what this guy has to say?"......aaaand it was me

My opinion hasn't changed. I love All Stars. However I actually wish they had made it slightly more consistent with itself. Mario looks different in each game. In a perfect world they'd all just have SMW graphics and physics, but I still think this title is fantastic.

I picked it up again to play through Lost Levels, and I'm loving it. I used to champion Super Mario USA as the real SMB 2...but even though that game contributed a whole lot to the franchise (and I could probably write an entire long form essay on it), if you can't stomp turtles (er, koopas) then it's just not Mario.

As far as stand alone Super Famicom box art is concerned I'd rif on this image:



Same thing happened again. Looking up this debate. Found the same thread. Saw it was me. And then saw it was me seeing that it was me...again.

All Stars all the way. I wish Mario Maker had an option to use these layouts. That would be awesome. As for what is the true Super Mario Bros. 2? I don't know if there actually is one. The All Stars version really dressed it up well, and a lot of features get incorporated into the series but it's very much a different game. Lost Levels also just feels like ancient DLC.

SMB 3 is the true sequel but it makes me wonder what a hypothetical Super Mario Bros 2 would be or look like...if it wasn't Doki Doki Panic, wasn't Lost Levels, and wasn't SMB3.

Any ideas?



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