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Did anybody else think the dungeons in this game were kind of crappy?



I thought that they were guite good. Hope this is released on virtual console soon

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I liked them. After playing the regular version of OoT so many times it was like playing a new game.


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I wonder if Master Quest is running in an emulator. If so we could extract it and burn N64 carts and play it on the N64.

And yes, I quite enjoyed it.

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Well maybe they weren't that bad, but I thought that the dungeons were easier than the originals. At least the Adult Link dungeons were. The first three as Child Link were a bit harder though.



Got it. Love it. Haven't played Master Quest yet, still trying to beat the original OoT.



Still haven't played it, but it seems pretty cool from what I hear.

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Hoping to get it soon. How different are the dungeons?

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The dungeons are just rearranged. They haven't been drastically changed, but it gives you a fresh challenge if you've played through OoT multiple times and pretty much know what to do. Personally I thought some of the dungeons were easier than the originals and I didn't care for those ones.

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Water temple was easier definitely. I don't think the rest were necessarily harder, just different (which makes them harder when you've played regular OoT umpteen times, so the game's not what you remember). Finding the skultulas in all their new places was a pain.

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Just played through Master Quest, and I have to say that I cruised through the dungeons rather quickly. But there were still enough rearrangements to make it worthy.

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I think it just added replay value to a great game. Although the Original is enjoyable on its own, it's refreshing to play it again with different puzzles. I liked it and still have it.

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I've just recently started to play. It's good fun, and is a nice change since I've played this game so many times. But the original dungeons are probably better.
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I never really checked it out. since i completed the classic version i might as well do so.

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I still haven't played this either; I wonder if it will ever hit the virtual console (I'm aware of the GC version but I greatly prefer VC games / quicker loading / controller options), and whether or not it is worth playing through again for those rearrangements, as I'm not keen on making my way through that entire game again just yet (I replayed it just about 6 months ago).

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I noticed that the Spirit Temple replaced the big block at the beginning with a water spout, kinda making Nabooru's quest for the silver gauntlets pointless.

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This is kind of embarrassing, but I couldn't even find how to climb up in the first room of the Deku Tree in Master Quest....

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