Topic: Old preview of SFC Dragon Quest VI - And about the Zenithian / Celestial Castle thing

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I found a preview of the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest VI in an old EGM — This is what initially got me interested in DQ in the first place.


Not really knowing anything about DQ / DW at the time, I'd always wondered what they meant by the "Heavens" series.

Well, now that I have the entire trilogy of remakes on DS (as well as the originals on NES / SFC via emulation) I'm finally just beginning to grasp the whole Zenithia / Castle in the Sky / Celestial Castle / Zenithian Castle / Heavenly Castle thing.

The reason why that whole concept interested me, was because I came from a Phantasy Star background in terms of RPGs. The first PS came out in 1987 in Japan, 1988 in the U.S. on the Sega Master System. It too featured a floating, celestial castle.

From the Phantasy Star script:

Woman: "Raise the Aeroprism towards the heavens- You should then be able to see the Dark Castle"

"Alis raises prism towards the sky. A vision of a celestial castle appear in the sky"


From the PlayStation 2 remake

Welp, off to play more DQ IV, then onto V and VI.



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