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i am trying to find out any information on a old nintendo watch. i have looked all over the inter net and the almighty google comes back with nothing. here is a link the a pic of the watch.



Not surprised you can't find anything online. It's very likely an obscure promotional item. If so it would be hard finding anyone who knew something about it. even current employees within Nintendo likely wouldnt have it catalogued anywhere. Hard to say what it's value might be. I would guess not much since its so obscure and the Nintendo branding is a small part of an otherwise regular old common digital watch.



thats pretty sweet. im sure you could put it on ebay for a ridiculously high price and get a lot of attention and media coverage, but i doubt it would for more than 50 bucks, if that. it looks like the only thing about it is that it has the word nintendo on it, and in yellow for some reason?

does it do anything special? like have mario sound fx instead of beeps? or play tetris or something?? or is it just a regular old watch with nintendo written on it?

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it's just a simple watch with a timer and light nothing else. but it has the nintendo on the front and nintendo engraved on the back. with what looks like a serial number.



also i can not find any watch with the same LCD screen layout any where



i found it at a little retro game shop in the phila area i love to visit every saturday. he had no clue what it was worth and just sold it to me for $60. me and my wife love love collecting anything nintendo. so even if it wasn't worth $60 we still wanted it for our collection. the thing is i can not find anything like it any where and it's driving me nuts,



Well could it have been a custom piece that someone just made? I mean except for the word Nintendo on it it looks like just an ordinary watch. And the fact that you aren't finding anything on line about it makes me think just that.

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cool piece

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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It will be worth some fortunes when it finally shows this next year.

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I remember Nintendo making wrist watches with built in games, like Tetris, Zelda and Mario. Never seen this before. I don't think it was a very common item. Is it definitely real?



Surely it has a patent # on it. Should just Google that for more info. - Dayman
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