Topic: NTSC GCN Controllers & Cards for PAL Wii Console?

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Okay, as far as I know, controllers and memory cards for Nintendo GameCube are most definitely not region-locked, meaning a Japanese controller and a US memory card will indeed work on my PAL Wii Console, which is great since my Wii would double as a GCN! Anyway, I was wondering where I could find some good-priced controllers in a range of colours (with shipping to Australia of course). I know where to nab a white one, but other colours would be neat too (my top picks are Spice, Indigo, Platinum and that bluish-green one I've seen, but then again, I don't know all the colours). Oh, and I won't accept third-party accessories - it's gotta be official Nintendo items! Remember my username (a hint: it starts with 'N', ends with 't' and has 'intendoPuris' in the middle ) Thanks in advance! Have an awe-inspiring day!

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