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I was on Nintendo Shop when I saw that they sell Nintendo manuals for older systems. The thing is that if they don't have any original manuals to give, then they give you a photocopy. Your thoughts?

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That's pretty sweet! So when we talk old, like NES old, or GCN old? Because I would love to have, even a photocopy of the original legend of zelda

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They sell from NES-present. Except there are only a few manuals. Mainly Nintendo.
As you can see right here, all you have to do is click the system, click game manuals and choose whatever manual Nintendo has to offer you.

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If they are gonna be photocopy, you may as well download a PDF file and print them yourself. A website called Digital Press ( has an archive of old manuals in the library section.



I love the original Zelda manual. Its worth owning

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My manual for Nintendo world Championship is my most loved

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