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Topic: Ninja Gaiden Megadrive

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Anyone ever see the megadrive version of ninja gaiden. Was very close to the arcade but the graphics more resembled streets of rage. Was canned unfortunately. I though it looked really good, perhaps better than the arcade.

A beta version can be played by alternative methods

Just look at the screenshots.

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I never played quite a few of these. I owned the NES, SNES, Genesis back in those days and never had the Megadrive. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on the SNES is still by far the best game Retro Game Cartridge in creation.

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Wow. I am astonished at the unreleased status of the MegaDrive version of the arcade game of the same name. I at first thought "the MegaDrive version of the NES game??". Still, I am surprised. I'll bet it would've sold well had it been released.

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