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Hey you guys what's going on. I am doing a Super Mario 64 Let's Play on my youtube channel. You guys should check it out, just dont watch my videos that are over a month old, they suck and I had a more squeaky voice. Not saying i don't have a man voice I don't yet I'm in the beginning stages of... changing let us say. But it is less high pitched now and so point don't look at my older vids. But, I am having a lot of fun doing this let's play and I hope you guys check it out. At the beginning I get really POed because I had just recorded 60 minutes of gameplay but my microphone was off and I was talking about cool stuff, but I already finished talking about everything I did talk about before. So my capturing thing only allows ten minutes of capture so I'll just clump two of the ten minute parts together in windows movie maker. Just so you know I AM using an emulator but it is not illegal in my case because I do own the actual game, I just have no way of capturing it on the 64 or any other consolethat has it. I will also have a Banjo 1, tooie, yoshi's story, yoshi's island, The super mario bros 1 2 3 lost levels and world, and more. so stay tuned for those as well.

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Hey I'm doin a Super Mario 64 Let's Play and I will do a Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Tooie and more let's Plays. Youtube: DON'T WATCH MY OLDER VIDEOS!!! PLEEEZ


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