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Dropped by my local Gamestop tonight after a late night run to Taco Bell and had a nice little find. I decided to look at the GBA games and what do you know. I found Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for only 12.99. Im playing Partners in Time currently and havin a blast and missed Superstar Saga when It released somehow so it was a nice find. Especially with the amount of piracy on the Internet these days. Now here hopin Ill find a copy of Shantae. They said if they ever get it somehow it will be priced 2.99. That will be the day.

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Good find. I played through the whole game a couple times. It's easily one of my top three favorite RPGs of all time.

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Haven't played either, but sounds like some good deals. I did score Klonoa GBA for 3.99 the other week. You should keep your eyes out for those too. And heck, for $5 you might as well buy The Monkey King Wii (3.99 used). It's not the greatest game and kind of easy, but can't go wrong for that price. I love it's art style and the tilt-controller speed increase/decrease.

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I got F-Zero GX, XIII, Amazing Island, and Viewtiful Joe 2 all for $20 at Gamestop while I was at the beach. It kind of sucked though because I brought my Wii but decided not to bring my Gamecube memory card because I figured that I'd just be playing Wii games.

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Went into Gamestop a couple weeks ago the Manager at the time was selling Gamecube titles i got 3 & including Okami i spent $30
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Okami was just 19.99 :3 i'd say that was a great deal

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NICE....I love old finds for cheap. I cant wait to the black Wii drops so I can get another now that VC is getting great updates to start back logging games that way as well. We have a Massive Flea Market where I live into the city and they sometimes have a couple of game vendors I want to check again and hopefully find a copy of Shantae. I do hope to come across Klonoa for PsOne or GBA myself. I miss haveing that game on PsOne. I reget the day I found out Gamestop did trades. Oh speakin of that I found a copy of ONE for PsOne about a year ago for $5. That game was very little know and it rocks big time.

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