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CD-i prices aren't too high, or at least they weren't a coupel years ago. There seems to have been a huge increase in interest for the console after the AVGN review, but I would assume this is largely for the Mario and Zelda games. I got 30-ish CD-i games, the two Zelda platformers included, a lot of them bought loose online, and none of them costing me more than 10£.



I've never seen the console itself go cheaply, and as for the games I've only ever looked up the Zelda ones. I don't even know what other games are on the console. I doubt AVGN changed this. The CDi Zeldas have always been infamous.

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Pebble beach golf was one of the better games.

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weirdadam wrote:

I doubt AVGN changed this. The CDi Zeldas have always been infamous.

In which case Zelda: Wand of Gamelon and Link: Faces of Evil can still easily be found for under 10$ each, like they could a couple years back, and I have no idea why you try to claim they "go for pretty high prices".

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I grew up in the 90's playing NES and SNES side-by-side (along with my Gameboy, of course). I didn't get my own N64 until about 2002 or 2003 (long story as to why, so never mind). My tastes have grown to accept more types of games to a point, but there are still certain genres I just don't care for and certain games I've never liked. This is normal, of course.

I must admit that I have trouble believing that pre-NES games are very good, because to me, they seem too shallow and uninteresting, generally speaking. I do TRY to respect the fact that some people like them, though I admit I'm not perfect at this. Given decent opportunity, I'd even try some more of those games to flesh out my opinon.

People who completely write off the NES and SNES as crap really bother me, yet I feel a twinge of hypocricy due to my opinon of earlier systems. I feel that NES and SNES games hold up over time better than earlier work, but some disagree. I don't understand their point of view, but I suppose I shouldn't judge.

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I can talk about classics or any other type of game anytime. They're just that good, although some are hard to summarize (Buster Busts Loose!). I need to improve my summarizing skills, and it's hard to talk about said game without taking too long.

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I'm old enough to have got an atari 2600 when I was a kid and I think that having viewed developments in gaming and the industry over a number of years does give you a different perspective.
The simplicity of old games appeals to me in a way modern epics dont, Modern Warfare 2 for example leaves me cold - but I played Shinobi until I completed it, even buying Hori stick for that authentic arcade feel.
This might not mean much to someone who never stood in an arcade in the late 80s, but I was happy to see the VC pioneer retro games in accessible new way.
Though retro cant have the same nostalgia for young 'uns, its good to see the history of video games made available to a new audience, whatever they make of it!

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