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Hey there! I'm new to the forums.

I have been looking all over for an answer to this question, but still, I found no answer.
Back in the days I had a NES and a game called Ikke Ikke Nekketsu Hockey Bu.
It supported 4 player games. I would love to play it once again with my friends.
I started looking for a console that I could buy, and have found out that there's a console that supports both NES and SNES games.
...this means twice the fun, as I could also have games such as Metal Slug series... and 4 player bomberman etc.
If I can see correctly, the NES/SNES consoles use SNES controllers. This means I will need a multitap for the 4 player games. My question is: Will a console such as Retro Duo run NES games in 4 player modes (especially Ikke Ikke)?



It depends what controller connection the clone consoles uses. Some like to use their own connection, meaning you have to use their terribly made ones while others use the original connector, meaning you can use the official controllers.

The RetroDue only uses the SNES Controller input, so unless you can get an Adapter to use the NES controller, you won't have much luck. In theory, the mutli-tap should work on the clone consoles.

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