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Its a tough choice but I give the prize to the Snes.
I am old enough and lucky enough to have had all 3 when they were new and still have them.
A lot of Nes games were scaled down ports as were Snes but the Snes felt like the Arcade games of its era.
The N64 is very much its own creature and blurry visuals aside was well ahead of its time.



Um, I'd go with the SNES, it's got more games, and the BEST 2d mario EVER.

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?



One or two N64 games were fantastic. But on the whole the rubbish outweighed the good.

The NES on the other hand had the best graphics and gameplay of its time.

My favourite was the SNES, though. By a large mile. It took everything the NES had done and improved on it. Almost everything Nintendo did at that time was a massive classic. They could, seemingly, do no wrong.

I notice Wii wasn't even an option...



gamebox2d wrote:

The NES on the other hand had the best graphics

Not to nitpick but not true. SMS was a graphic powerhouse compared to NES. - Dayman
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If the quality of a game console is determined by the quality of its 3D platformers and party games, the N64 wipes the floor with pretty much everything. However, I gotta be realistic and say that the SNES wins out of those three choices. The SNES has a great selection of games from pretty much every genre, barring FPS and RTS games for obvious reasons. The, well, the non-super SNES. It's a good console that has great games, but the SNES blows it out of the water technically and in terms of the quality of its games.

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In my opinion the N64 didn't have to many great games. There were a few but not too many that I personally enjoyed. I've always been more of a NES / SNES guy. The retro duo had so many great games to play compared to the N64.


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The NES was my first gaming system (my own; I played my older brother'a Atari 2600 before that), and it'll always have a special place in my heart wrapped in nostalgia due to receiving it on two separate Christmas (one was broken after a few months, so we received a new one the following Christmas).

The N64 has two of my favorite games of all time (Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time), and several other titles that were a joy to play (Star Fox 64, Pilot Wings 64, Blast Corps, Mario Kart 64, etc).

But SNES wins. It has my favorite 2D Mario, one of the best (possibly the very best) Zelda entries in the series, and the RPGs. Oh my goodness, the RPGs. This was the golden era of Squaresoft, and possibly RPGs as a whole. Final Fantasy 4. Final Fantasy 6. Chrono Trigger. Super Mario RPG.Earthbound. Breath of Fire. Secret of Evermore. Shadowrun. The list goes on and on, especially if you consider games that aren't traditional RPGs. But the system had them in abundance.

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RancidVomit86 wrote:

gamebox2d wrote:

The NES on the other hand had the best graphics

Not to nitpick but not true. SMS was a graphic powerhouse compared to NES.

And the PC Engine was miles better graphically than either the NES of SMS. (But still 8 bit in the only sensible way of defining it).

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I would go for SNES. (Wish I had gone with a USA Saturn instead of the USA N64 I bought and I wouldn't touch the NES I never found it acceptable).

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“30fps Is Not a Good Artistic Decision, It's a Failure”
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I think the N64's library gets a bad rap. It's probably the best it could be with all the third party companies leaving to jump onto the Playstation, or the ones that stayed that were getting acclimated to 3D gaming and didn't deliver (for an example see the Castlevania 64 games, atrocious in comparison the SOTN on the Playstation). The only genre you would expect in a console library those days it really lacks in is RPG's. It's got plenty of shooters, 3D platformers, sports games, great racing games, awesome party games, and it's a fun title to look for really obscure titles for. More often then not you'll see gamers talking about the same 15-20 titles off the system, and while there isn't many amazing stellar games there is a lot of fun to be had.

That being said, if you had to choose one It's still easily SNES. There is no gaps in the library of that system, it's the most satisfying game console I've ever owned and I didn't even grow up with it, I played my Uncle's a few times but my system was the N64 growing up. NES has to be appreciated for it's amazing library and starting franchises but I can't think of one facet where the NES beats the SNES. Every franchise that moved to 16 bit was better for it, and 16 bit is such a timeless look. 8 bit is very nostalgic but the games age pretty terribly to people who weren't around when it was relevant.

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Every Franchise wasn't better from moving to 16 bit - Castlevania certainly wasn't.

The best two are Rondo of Blood and Castlevania III (X68000 is 16bit but the port is on the Playstation and it isn't very good). SOTN should have been on the Saturn first and foremost (Then ported if necessary) it would have been better for it. It would have looked beautiful. (The way it was done was the Playstation version was badly ported).

Alex Kidd was better in the games prior to 16bit.

Crisis Force (Famicom) is up there with the best SNES games in the genre. (Certainly much better than most of the early ones plagued by slowdown).

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Definitely SNES. The amount of polished masterpieces of pretty much every available genre alone is enough of a reason.
NES was good, but lacked a bit of variety due to technical limitations.
N64 was terrible. Even their best games were mind numbing in terms of slowness and floaty controls, and the PS1 heavily outclassed it in no time, while NES and SNES had good competition, but except for some SEGA games nothing worth switching over for.

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I think we can all agree that the 32-bit/64-bit Saturn, PS1 & N64 generation of 3D games have no aged well, as in 90% of them unless you're a 2D sprite based side scroller. With any console, you just had to experience during it's hay day.....Super Mario 64, Zelda OOT, Golden Eye 007, StarFox 64 ect ect were total groundbreaking stunners back then, looking at them well....Yeah. Sprites age like a fine wine, but polygons pre gamecube era age like a dirty pair of Wario undies.

NES > SNES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eating a 2 year old double cheeseburger from underneath my sofa >>>>>>>>>>>>>> N64.

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cheetahman91 wrote:

Super Nintendo. Had the best games out of the three, graphics that aged the best, and it had great music too.

Tis true, but what console gave birth to all of these amazing franchises? the NES of course. It was the beginning of NIntendo's amazing adventure and the NES offered Fresh new experiences.


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out >>>> Super Punch-Out!! - (NO contest!)
Contra >>>> Contra III: The Alien Wars (III was a little disappointing imo)
Mega Man 2 >>>>> Mega Man 7 (The SNES has the x series, but i'd still say 2 was a lot more magical. I really enjoyed X1 & X2 though)
Super Mario Bros. 2 >>>>>> Super Mario World (I'm in the minority on this, World was absolute magic though!)
TMNT II: The Arcade Game >>>>> Turtles in TIme - (As great as turtles in time was, TMNT II(arcade version esp) was the original and far more exciting, especially if you went toe to toe with the arcade release)
Battletoads >>>>>> Battletoads in battle maniacs - (Hated the SNES version, with it's big awkward ugly sprites ect ect)
Double Dragon I & II >>>>>>> Super Double Dragon - (Super, i remember was also a little too easy)

However, the SNES hands down killed it with Super Metroid & Zelda ALTTP. Still torn on weather i prefer Castlevania III(Posed more of a challenge) Vs Super Castlevania IV though.

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@WaveBoy I think the NES- and N64 eras have both aged poorly in the graphical department. Most NES sprites haven't aged all that much better than Mario's two-torsoed 64 model. Good thing they kept flickering in and out of existence! Overall, I'd say the muddy textures and low-poly models of the N64 are even fraglier than the generally soulless NES sprites, but that's not a compliment for the NES.

Awful, horrible controller notwithstanding, I do think that most N64 games have aged better than most NES games when it comes to gameplay. A lot of classic NES games (though there are several exceptions) just feel kind of sloppy to me, and they don't have the charm, sound design, or graphics/animation to make up for it. The SNES seems to fix a lot of problems I have with the NES. (The GameCube does the same for the N64.)

Gurfically speaking, the 16-bit consoles have some of the best 2D animation, even to this day. I thank Virgin Interactive's “digicel” process for that, but even some of the pixel art is fine, because at least I never have to guess at what things are supposed to be. Nowadays people are trying to pass Adobe Flash-looking rickety old Pizza Time Theater animatronics off as acceptable animation. At least there's Wario Land: Shake It! to counter that.


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I disagree on NES games being lifeless, the great ones are packed full of so much charm(think Super Mario Bros 2,3, Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, LOZ, Kid icarus, Punch-Out!!, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, the list goes on and on...). I don't know if you were around or not to experience the NES back when it was 'cutting edge' in it's hay day during 85' to the early 90's. but you just had to of been there to fully appreciate it, especially if you went through the atari 2600 to nes transition. For peeps who started out with the SNES and then got into the NES a few or so years later are not going to get the same effect or be as impressed, it's as simple as that. leaping back a generation when you already had it so good is bound for a negative reaction.

When i think 'lifeless' i automatically think the 32-bit 3D era in regards to the 3DO, Saturn, PS1 and N64.....You look at something like the original NES paper boy and stack it up against paper boy 64 and you will puke when you see the latter in motion. Many N64 games were crippled with below 30fps/frame rates(even OOT3D falls into this category).

also, I completely disagree on the N64 aging better than the NES in terms of gameplay, that's just madness! Actually, it's not even a fair comparison since N64 games are mostly 3D games that are built around using an analog stick in full scope 3d worlds, where as NES consists of tons of side scrollers that function around a 4 arrow d-pad on a 2D plain... As great as the SNES is, the NES was more magical to me and again it gave birth to so many amazing franchises. the SNES era treeded familiar ground(which was perfectly fine, it's a natural transition in the early gaming days), but with more buttons, better graphics, sound & music(ect), which was awesome during that time, but it didn't exactly revolutionize the way we play games like(or close) to how the NES did, not that it needed to. the SNES did it RIGHT and improved on every single thing it needed to.

I love both consoles, but in the end the NES just had a greater impact on me. different strokes!

"Nowadays people are trying to pass Adobe Flash-looking rickety old Pizza Time Theater animatronics off as acceptable animation. At least there's Wario Land: Shake It! to counter that"


hahaha. That basically sums up the 2D indie scene.
WLSI however is a complete rarity, it was one hell of a beautifully animated platform. I'd love to see Super Mario get the same treatment some day rather than the plastic, artificial, mechanical, uninteresting, simple, wallpapered', minimal, shiny toy-look that's present in the new super mario bros series.

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Get all 3 if you can! If not I'd start with NES, because the NES is where a lot of popular games got their start.

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It's only a competition between the NES and SNES. N64 is nothing more than an overrated Gen Y babysitter with a handful of good games. Personally, I say go for the SNES. Games like Final Fantasy 6, Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Castlevania 4, Megaman X1-X3, UN Squadron, Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Contra 3 just to name a fraction of that system's amazing and varied library.

Getting an NES will not be the wrong choice either however. Plenty of great games, mainly for platformers and shoot em ups. Many of it's genres however haven't aged quite well, mainly RPGs.

If you want a better alternative to the N64, get a PlayStation. That way you got games like Final Fantasy 7-9, Tactics, Suikoden 2, Resident Evil 1-3, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot 1-3, Dino Crisis, Castlevania SOTN, Megaman X3-X6 and Xenogears plus many more.


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