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Very soon I'm gonna want to get a new telly for gaming on the four systems but what TV should I get for these 4 systems. I'm from the UK so if any one knows if o should stay with a 1080i or get a 720p TV or something even older somehow then please message and let me know as it would really help. And maybe even a link to a TV which is under 200pound and will be good to play on Nintendos old consoles ? Thanks



At first I wondered if "200 pound" meant currency or weight, before realizing even the UK I've heard stop using the latter.



A good quality CRT television



Go with a CRT TV. You can usually find them at thrift stores or garage sales for next to nothing.

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Any Crt tv, which could be from an 15" to an 51" incher could work out for you.
Just make sure the CRT is good.

Also some flat panel displays are able to show good through video. It really depends on the videogame itself. Take PS2 vs GCN. GCN automatically looks good on my flat panel via the Composite connector, but some of my PS2 games do not look as good.

Personally sitting too close to the television is 99% the reason why everything looks ugly. On my Computer display, ( which is HD ) anything that is made out of pixels looks great, while anything that is an Photograph in most cases looks terrible.

Personally if you plan on using an Light-gun your going to need an CRT or alternative for that. Personally I would purchase an 50" CRT. They are big and take up room but whatever.

Another option is just to get an 100" 4K across the wall and make sure you can only use an portion of the display. Like running three video sources in three little windows. At least that is my final option, but that will not slove the problem with using the light-gun.

I also have my own tv that is 20". Trinitron is usually as good as televisions from SONY could get. It was patient technology. Later fake Trinitrons use other methods of getting good pictures.

Some older CRT ( I mean from the 1970's ) will give great bigger pictures like the one I was playing "Super Mario RPG" on for my SNES. But those tv also have blurring of the image as well.

It is very hard to get an good CRT because the fear of it dying out. Many early 1990's TV from SONY was good as gold but they died out really fast.
The tubes inside the tv in some cases have three. One for red, one for blue, and one for green. Red and blue seems to die out most of time. Beware.

Same with my CRT monitor. Great picture but due to time, problems with the display give it an ugly green shade. It can get resolutions up to 150000X150000 from my graphics card but it is also big.

My replacement again. ANY PiXELS VIEWED IS SHARP But small images are blurry. Meaning if the image if not made out of pixels it will become blurred.

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Please ask here.

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