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Does anyone know if any games that are with these systems and have no manuals with them ?



Do you mean did any games for those systems never include manuals?
No way. Not including manuals with games was a crazy idea that only started on the PS3 and 360.
(that is, if you're talking about normal retail games. I suppose the contest games Nintendo World Championships 1990 for NES and the StarFox and Donkey Kong Country competition versions for SNES probably never included manuals, because Nintendo just took the carts from the actual competitions and decided to give them away as prizes (for the first) or sell them as collectibles (for the latter two).)



Due to some lawsuit rental stores weren't allowed to give manuals with the rental games, I don't know exactly why just that was the result of a lawsuit. So if you got any games that way like bought them from a rental store, more often then not you didn't get the book.

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I rented lots of games back in the day, and had manuals many times.
I even have a few former-rental manuals.

If you didn't get a manual, it's probably because someone lost it. People tend to be careless with stuff that's not theirs.

I do have one game I thought was a rental-exclusive SNES game (at least according to Nintendo Power), Eek! the Cat. I was surprised they bothered printing a warranty in the manual, but I later read that game supposedly got some retail release.

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