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Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of tracking an album of 9 NES tunes arranged for small jazz ensemble with heavy emphasis on 8-bit synth infusion. How apt would you all be to backing a kickstarter for a project like this? For added insight, here are the NES tunes I decided to arrange:

Startropics - Dungeon Theme
Super Mario Bros 2 - Level 1
Bionic Commando - Level 1
Marble Madness - Level 2
The Legend of Zelda II: Link's Adventure - Temple Theme
Duck Tales - Moon Theme
Little Nemo The Dream Master - Level 1
Ninja Gaiden - Mineshaft
Megaman 2 - Airman

I'm really excited to release this work to the public, but I'm mostly excited to give this out to the NES lovers out there who experience the same nostalgia that I do. Tell me what you think!



Love the idea, but I only remember Mario and Mega man from your playlist. More classic tunes and I'm in. Tetris maybe...

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