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what's a scalper?!'

A miserable little pile of secrets?

proceeds to spam holy water

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Thank goodness I got my Mini Nes in the first wave.... because between this, the Switch and the Mini SNES it's going to be a festival for the scalpels.

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I wonder if they'll revise a few things? A few ideas:

  • Package in a 2nd controller, like the SNES Classic.
  • Longer controller cords. I mean, the SNES Classic cords aren't terribly long, but every bit helps.
  • Maybe a special/ unique 31st game, like Star Fox 2? If we can only have one, my vote goes towards Earthbound Beginnings.

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"Sometimes, I just don't understand human behavior" - C-3P0

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I don't know if it's poor manners to join a forum just to try and get a problem solved, but here I am.

I live in the UK and I've just got my hands on a NES Mini, which is nice. I had heard there can be a problem with the console powering off by itself (not the sixty minute power save mode) and it's now happened to me a couple of times.

Has anyone managed to confirm the reason why it happens?

Some have said it's from using an AC adaptor that isn't drawing enough power, others that it's to do with using an HDMI splitter, and others have said it happens if you're using unofficial third party controllers.

Typically, I am using both an HDMI splitter and two third party controllers (because of the short cable controller that came with the NES Mini). The AC adaptor I'm using is 5V/2.1A (the 2.1A split between its two USB sockets) which I assume should be okay.

When the console powered down a couple of times I switched to plugging the power cable into the USB socket on my television, which seems to work okay so far, but I've been told most television USB sockets only provide around 0.8A - 1A so I don't know if this is enough and I might be damaging my television to continue powering the NES Mini via that socket.

The make and model of the television I'm using is a Hitachi 22" 22HBC06U. I've looked online for information on the power output for the USB socket on it and come up blank. Hitachi weren't very helpful either.

So... any thoughts, information or solutions? Would be much appreciated.



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