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i want to buy these two system from usa ..
Sadly, the Shipment to my contry. Perhaps Cost more than the system. so i want to now how Weight these system Separately ? ( so i can Measure the cost of shipment ). lets say With wires but with out the box.

thank you.



According to Amazon, an NES weighs aproximately 5 pounds. An SNES is listed as 5.5 pounds. I'm assuming that's without cables, so if that's true then I would add on an extra pound for the cables.

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Holy crap, an SNES is heavier than an NES? I'm surprised.

Five pounds, though? Sheesh. X)



I know this is a very old thread to bump but I have a postal scale (10lb from the USPS) and it was just over 2lbs, nothing near 5.5 so I have no idea if they mean with all the cables, plug and 2 controllers but alone it's not 5.5lbs.

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