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Yes, I know that I might be a little late in creating this anniversary thread, but whatever.

Neo Geo CD, for those who don't know is one of the earlier CD consoles, but it wasn't an add-on. It was a stand alone CD system like the 3DO at the time.

The Neo Geo CD was released in 1994 in North America, Japan & Europe. One common complaint among the Neo Geo CD owners was that the long times are too long. Actually, the long times are long, but it wasn't until late in the Neo Geo CD's life that the games started having really long load times like the Last Blade 1 & 2 & King of Fighters '99 for example.

While the load times can be long for some games, some of the games had an arranged sound track & in some cases, even have a few extras to somewhat make it up for the long load times.

One good thing about the Neo Geo CD is that the games are really cheap. Whereas Neo Geo AES games were $300, the CD games only costed around $50. While some of the NGCD games have gone up in price, many of them are cheaper today. The NGCD has some exclusive games for it like Ironclad, Samurai Spirits RPG & Crossed Swords 2 for example.

Last, but not least, if you're picking up a NGCD for the fighting games, you'll probably be dissapointed since the load times can be quite long for those kind of games on the NGCD. Make sure you turn on the "Demo Cut" option that you see in some of the Neo Geo CD games since it shortens the load times.


I'm still waiting on my second bout in Samurai Shodown II to load. And it's been 15 years. Come on!

In all seriousness, this piece of junk was why I invested in my Neo Geo arcade cabinet. Cheap games AND no load times.

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LOL wow. Or if your unlucky like me, you'll have to wait till they all release on the Virtual Console

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