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World's first pictures of image quality comparisons from Nintendo 64? Photos taken in digital camera, the Samsung TV (LCD) "27 and screen-size 4:3.

N64 Image Quality Comparison Pictures here:

Are authorized to use photos.

6 color versions: Black Smoke, Jungle Green, Ice Blue, Fire Orange, Grape Purple and Watermelon Red.

If you have, please send your the serial number (NUP), what colour, PAL, USA or Japan console, and the image quality is BETTER or NOT. As is known from the serial numbers from the "better" start consoles.

Sorry if english bad, translated by Google Translation.



How would the colored ones look any better? Are they not all the same hardware?

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I got the jungle green and a grey and I can't tell a difference - Dayman
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Treverend wrote:

How would the colored ones look any better? Are they not all the same hardware?

Nintendo has a habit of revising hardware internally with some slight differences.

I don't where I found it, but I do remember some Japanese guy got a ton of official Famicom hardware variations (numerous original, AV and the Sharp clones) to compare the sound quality with the Zelda title song. (with the Sharp Twin Famicoms, they even bothered to compare the sound quality running both the internal disk drive and an external disk drive)

I have also heard a number of complaints about the SNES Mini having worse video than the original, some even go as far as considering it a clone system rather than authentic. Even some later SNES original model consoles contained a combined video/audio chip. Nintendo merged the video and audio on later N64 motherboard revisions as well.

I can see in the comparison pictures above that the "colored" photos have a slightly sharper picture whereas the "gray" photos are a bit blurrier.



I like that classic Greyish black color. I never got colored consoles because the color would eventually wear out.

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