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i just got an n64, and i wanted to know whether or not i should buy an expansion pak, so could somebody post a side by side comparison photo of a game with and without an expansion pak?

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There aren't that many games that use the expansion pack to enhance the visual quality. Still, there are 5 games that can only be played with it, and most of them are among the best games on the system.



There weren't really that many games that even used it. DK 64 and Zelda Majora's mask required it to even play the games but not much else. The graphics didn't really look all that different. The games would have less jaggies I suppose. If you don't plan on owning Either of the two games I mentioned you could probably do without.

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Get it. Even if you don't have any interest in the games, you could develop interest later. Donkey Kong 64 requires the Expansion Pak, and many games are enhanced by it.

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Prfect Dark needs it too. You can still play without it, but there is very little you can do.

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Perfect Dark you can only play multiplayer without it.

edit: Looking on the WIKI page there is actually a surprising number of games that support the expansion pack. I didn't realize how many can use it so it may be worth it for you to get one. It's interesting to note that RARE made some use of it but then didn't use it in Banjo Tooie or Conker's Bad Fur Day both which pushed the system pretty hard. Conker though was one of the few games they released that didn't support 16:9.

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i probably will buy it, i saw one at my local games store but it was 15 bucks in box, is that a good deal or a ripoff?

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I'd say that's about fair. Get the expansion pak so you don't have to worry about potential incompatibilities. And if your N64 can't play Perfect Dark, Majora's Mask or Rogue Squadron in "hi-def" then it might as well be a box full of poop.

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The expansion pak is great. Go for it.



Damn, I just received Perfect Dark from eBay, and it turns out that I was never in the possession of the Expansion Pak. I guess its back to eBay for me then.

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Make sure it's an official Expansion Pak.
The knock-offs I've seen were junk that would regularly break the sound, which in turn causes games to crash completely.

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