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Just picked one of these up and cant find them anywhere on the internet. Wondering how rare they are or what they are worth?



The banana controller? (I don't think it was a cover)
Well, it was a Nintendo Power subscription bundle exclusive (they weren't giving it away free, it was some cost on top of the sub). It's probably rare as it's not likely that many people, other than collectors, wanted to buy both a new N64 controller and a NP subscription at the same time to find it a deal.



No it's a cover. there is one on Ebay. I'd post a pic of I could figure ou how lolt



@Sleepswithdog Here's a good site to upload pictures with:

Upload your picture there, then copy the url in the "Direct Link" window, and paste it here.
To show it immediately on the page here, use the "img" command, like so:

[ img ]-put-link-to-picture-here-[ / img ]

(remove all the spaces in between the individual brackets to make it work and show the picture)

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Cant even find info about how many where made and what you had to do to get it. Paid 75$ for mine with yellow controller. As far as I know there are only three in the world!! Lol jk



I've never even seen that before. I've seen the Banana Yellow Controller, and I've seen the Green and Black versions of that, but not the yellow. Interesting.

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