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Links Awakening on Gameboy.

I love it so much! Mix of 2-d top down and 2-d sidescrolling, awesome music and sound effects, memorable and attractive look, Mario influence, Bow Wow is in the game, Goombas, Mario, Peach, and KIRBY! Great items, the boomerang and hookshot are boss in this game. Great bosses, my fav is that little electric mouse dude that throws the metallic ball at you!

Great dungeons, perfect sized game, not too big, not too small. Great story, not oversone, but interesting and suspenseful. Control is perfect. Ahead of its time : Bomb Arrows, Ocarina, Fishing, Raft Riding Course.

IT is a little annoying swapping items all the time, my only complaint.

I love Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks - for what they are - but they do not hoold a candle to this. And neither do the CAPCOM Zeldas.....



You forgot the awesome story and ending. Loved the game, and it's definitely one of the best 2D games. It's just a very tightly designed epic adventure with its own feel. The Capcom Zelda games are good, but they're just wannabes to me and don't quite hold up to the rest of the series.

I don't know what my favorite Zelda game is since it's probably my favorite videogame series. But Majora's Mask has always held a special place for me because of the bold ideas it presented that were pulled off, imo, quite brilliantly. The persistent world in the game where people lived out their lives was an experience I never had before or since, and while it had drawbacks for some people, it worked beautifully for me. It was an extremely deep and beautiful experience for me and I like its uniqueness.

But I'm huge fan of almost all games in the series. I'm just not a hater. I liked almost all of them for what they were, even the games people complain about the most. I loved Zelda II for being an awesome and challenging side-scrolling game with RPG elements. I loved Wind Waker for the awesome animation and visuals, the story and I even liked the sailing most of the time. I really liked Phantom Hourglass for the clever touch screen ideas, the phantoms and everything except the timer in the Ocean Temple (and replaying each part of it whenever you went back).

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my favorite Zelda has to be Wind Waker just because of the creative new art style it pretty much invented. it was, and still is, the best looking game on GCN. the ship part got kinda boring after awhile, but when you either found a new side quest to take on, or found where you were supposed to be going, the gameplay made up for it. a 9.6/10


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My favorite is: Twilight Princess. That game took everything that was good with the series, beefed it up, and threw in a little something extra while it was at it. I loved every minute of it on my first playthrough, and I'll still love every minute of it on my 10th playthrough.

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Am I the only one who still likes Ocarina?

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I like Phantom Hourglass the most out of the portable Zeldas. Halfway through the GBC ones I usually lose much of my will to play them. With Phantom Hourglass I was always eager to play.

Ocarina id still the best though.


SandMan wrote:

Am I the only one who still likes Ocarina?

Probably not.

Just last year the readers at VGChartz considered OoT the best among 100 games. And the Ocarina of Time w/ Master Quest GCN disc is pretty popular and hard to find in mint condition.

My favorite Zelda is actually the original.



I think I'm gunna have to go with Minish Cap. It's weird, because I don't even really remember a ton about the game, but I do remember always having fun with it.



smash 1 (the others are captain falcons and ike)



2. Twilight Princess
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Spirit Tracks
5. Four Sword Adventures
6. Wind Waker
7. Majora's Mask
8. Phantom Hourglass
9. Original
10. Zelda II

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My fav 3D one would be Wind Waker. true open-world game for gamecube with great controls and great artstyle.

My fav 2D one would be Link's Awakening. I feel the same way about it as u do, ninsane.

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Majora's Mask is the best. That is not an opinion. It is a fact.


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Wind Waker, followed by Twilight Princess, followed by Ocarina of Time, followed by Link to the Past.

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The original Zelda gets my vote. I never played anything like it when I first put that cartridge in my NES.

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