Topic: must have SNES games?

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Not much of an RPG person but for shooters, fighters, and adventure games I'd say: Mortal Kombat II (since you have Ultimate, don't bother with MK3), Megaman X, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, and Contra 3.

As far as platformers, definitely give Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong Country a shot. Super Mario Kart is also a blast if you're looking for a racer.

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top 5

7th Saga

Final Fantasy 2 and 3


Raiden Trad

Soulblazer (I think.. it's a Zelda type game from Sony I believe back when they were 3rd party)

Other Suggestions

Arcana( RPG game where your characters look like Playing Cards)

Final Fight Series

Super Double Dragon

Super Castlevania 4

Contra 3

Gradius 3.. not sure if it has 4.. but if it does get it

Thunder Spirits


Actraiser series.. 1 &2 I believe

Mario RPG of course

Sunset Riders

Top Gear

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All of the good ones I could think of have already been mentioned at least once, but I will throw in my two cents anyway!
F-zero- This is a great game for its time. (probably the only good racer game other than mario kart for the SNES) I think the N64 version is the best, but this one is still lot's of fun.
Chrono Trigger- Must have if you like RPG
The DK games are worth having in the collection if you have the console even if you get them on VC

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Aero fighters
Metal warriors

Mega man 7

starfox 2 repro (still need that damn it) lol

top-gear 2 (still need)

Turtles in time


the star wars trilogy

mario paint (you can draw naughty things in 16-bit glory! lol




I knew about Earthbound, but you guys (meaning Europe) didnt get FF4, FF6 or Crono Trigger? Wow! Talk about missing out... Arguably the 3 best games on the system period...

I guess you guys make up for it by getting Terranigma. Me and my friends LOVED Soul Blazer & Illusion of Gaia (Time). What we would've done to know there was a third back then I literally just found that out last year!



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