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The series had it's start on N64 and GCN. It was criticized a lot for various reasons, but many still think it's a great series.
I love all the MPs especially on GCN. What was your opinion on these games?



For N64, I mostly play #2. I play the first when I'm willing to tear up my palm.

As for the Cube, I play 4 and 5. I like 4 better because it has DK, and does not have capsules. 5 is pretty good too, though.


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I love playing Mario Party (any of them) with a group of friends. The sheer amount of fun and bonding (by that I mean screaming in frustration and threatening if you steal someone else's star) is just priceless.

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I enjoyed Mario Party 6 the most because it's well polished and actually somewhat fun.

Overall, MP9 is easily the best as it provides one of the best party experiences out there.

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Sadly, I don't own all of the Mario Party games. I only have 7, 8, 9 and MP DS. I missed out on the other GameCube ones because of their high prices, while I have no interest in the GBA one. But I am trying to get the e-Reader one and games 1-6.



So many memories of playing Mario Party on the Gamecube with my family. I have Mario Party 5, 6, 7 and DS.
6 is possibly my favorite, I feel like some are great and others are just okay.

I've been wanting to get Mario Party 9 eventually, since I wanted a Wii game but until now all that was available was 8...and obviously I wouldn't want that. I hope the series can continue. Hopefully a Mario Party 3D and a Mario Party 10 on Wii U.

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I've played Mario Party since the beginning... back in 1999 at just four years old. My three sisters came every Summer so we played the newest Mario Party every year all the way up to 7. Those memories will forever be with me. These days we're all "grown up" so they no longer visit, but I play by myself. I stopped with 7 and never bothered with 8 or 9. I still play 1-4 these days. One other thing, I wish they would have kept the MP3 version of Princess Daisy. Tan skin, long hair, yellow dress, red crown. I was stunned when I saw her in MP4 redesigned.



@everyone nah mario party 1 was the best in it's series & I may be the only one who thinks this but mario party 1 was waaaaaaaaaaay better than 2! Yes those control stick mini games hurt yes BUT if those did not exist mario party 1 would have outclassed mp2 by 3 miles! Instead Mario party 1 is generally hated by the fans! Not to mention It will never come to the wii vc because of lawsuits that could have been avoided. Lastly I love how people believed it was planned then cancelled when in reality IT'S NOT!!!!! YOUR BELIEVING A WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE PEOPLE!!!!!! IT'S BEEN LIKE THAT SINCE DAY 1 it's not true at all! I already know mp1 ain't coming but sometimes I wish nintendo can put that game up on the wii vc so those people who said it was planned then cancelled can stop saying that already!

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The first and second games were my favourites. The third is still good but lacks the same quality of mini-games. Once they moved the series across to GameCube I lost interest (didn't like the GC much as it was), but 4 was good fun and I thought 9 was really invigorating!

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I loved the first three or so games, and found 4 tolerable... but it went downhill from 5 onwards. So then I stopped buying the games.

Probably because they eventually had nothing to do with Mario bar the characters and a couple of mini games.

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I think any Mario Party game is total chaos with friends, but 7 will always be my favorite probably because I got it with my GameCube but I just love the game boards in that one.

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I played the old N64 ones and 8-9 along with DS. Never played the GC versions.

While I wasn't fond of any of them much, I was able to get the most out of 8 since multiplayer seemed to be more enjoyable there.

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It's a great series, but it's gone a bit downhill on the Wii unfortunately.
I hope for the next one they get back to the normal Mario Party gameplay so I can at least buy it and have some fun, because I hate Mario Party 9.


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I loved the first one, it was one of the first (if not the first) N64 games my dad bought for me.

I loved the adventure mode and all the little extras and even the town itself was pretty magical back then. So much fun was had with that game, my hands have permanent marks on them to prove it.

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liked 1, 2, 3 and 4, then realized they were formulaic and boring and didnt buy another... i think two came out in about 9 months on Gamecube, maybe 6 & 7, thats when it really hit me.

but 1-4 are good and i guess the others will be a laugh too. Good multiplayers.... just gone off the series personally



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