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Then I recommend this site if you don't already know about it -

It makes fun of poor translations in video games or adds humor to lines where before there was none. Give it a chance.

I have to warn that there is some bad language and some screenshots of videogames of an adult nature.

Edgey, Gumshoe, Godot, Sissel, Larry, then Mia, Franziska, Maggie, Kay and Lynne.

I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing happens!


Seen that one. It's pretty cool. It's where I learned about all those ridiculous quotes from LOZ like "Digdogger hates certain kind of sound."

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You want great translation - check this written intro to Taito 'Violence Fight'... Its pretty amazing:

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Ristar.....Love that game. Such a great and underated game by Sonic Team. Just played tru it couple of weeks ago.

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An oldie but a goodie! So much classic engrish in there.

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well hey I watch irategamer and avgn I wonder if this is funnier? EDIT: LOL hysterical! But not as funny as avgn and irategamer.

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War was beggining... What happen? Someone set us up the bomb. Main screen turn on. How are you gentlemen? ALL YOUR BASE...BASE..BASE..ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. What you say?


Cheers for the link.



I also recall Terry Bogart on the Saturn version of King of fighters ' 97 having the post match taunt - 'Butch up, you Weenie' when I shifted the language to English. Pretty scathing stuff!



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