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thats really hard... i would be much more excited about a new Kirby game than a Metroid game... but i think I like Metroid better... except for Prime 3....

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I think I enjoy Metroid a little more... excluding the Prime games.

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Metroid. Kirby games feel uninspired and far too easy to me..

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Metroid games are more difficult, and the exploration aspect makes them very satisfying to finish.

Kirby is a fun diversion and easy to play though, but there really is no comparison between the two.

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Actually if kirby was harder it'd really flesh out the wide array of fun mechanics in it. THEM BOSS FIGHTS



I've completed 6 Kirby games and have dabbled into Dreamland 3, Super Star(already finished 'Ultra' for DS) and Return to Dreamland. With Metroid, I've beaten only Metroid(Frustrating Classic), MP3: Corruption(groundbreaking), II: Return of Samus(Decent) and Metroid Prime(Wish i would have played through the Wii version. Final boss was amazing), while sadly only 'watching' my best friend play Super Metroid in all of it's 16-bit glory back in 1994.

I don't feel like i even have the right to compare or even form a decent opinion on the Metroid franchise as a whole seeing as how i haven't even played Super. As is, I'd still give Metroid the nod. Most of the Kirby games(outside of Canvas Curse and Super Star) pose no real challange, and I never once though to myself "OH MY GOD, i can't wait until i get my hands on this new Kirby game!" Still, i will take that little pink ball of fluff over Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Brain Age, Pokemon, StarFox, Waverace and F-Zero any day of the funky week. Don Flaminco wouldn't have it any other way.

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You set up a thread to ask peoples opinions of one franchise versus another without your own point to make, and you haven't played a game from one of the two franchises you're hoping to discuss? Hmmm...

Anyway, my choice would have to be Metroid by a long shot. I've enjoyed a few Kirby games but Metroid games are just better designed in general. Metroid games are more challenging, which is also why I prefer them, but they are clearly designed Action Platformers whereas you cant really even call a Kirby game a Platformer since you can just float over everything.

It seems like the Kirby franchise only gets away with its own faults because of the fun copy ability. If it wasn't for that it would just be a bunch of platforming games where level design is usually non existent, platforming is unnecessary and you have no reason to fight enemies.

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For me, Kirby's main appeal is its gameplay, music, charming visuals and not much else. With Metroid, it's the visuals, gameplay, story, music, explorative environments and atmosphere. With the exception of Metroid Prime Pinball, which I should get, I've beaten all Metroid games and it's currently the only major series I've nearly fully completed. A handful of Metroid games are in consideration for my Top 10: Metroid Prime Hunters, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 3 and Metroid Prime 2, and I usually end up putting two into my lists with Metroid Prime Hunters at the top around 98% of the time.

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While I'm not a huge fan of the first two Metroid games (Metroid on NES and Metroid II on GB), the games released after Super Metroid have almost all been uniformly excellent (with the exception of Metroid Prime Hunters and possibly Other M, which I still have yet to play).

Kirby is... eh. Never cared much for the floaty controls. Although I still enjoy Kirby's Dream Land on the GB.

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Metroid = My favorite franchise
Kirby = A great introduction to video games for 5 year old's.

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LOL. Now, I'm all for Kirby's cute, whimsical, colorful & light hearted visuals & sound,. but when the gameplay offers practically zero challenge, to the point where you can just effortlessly float over your enemies, while taking several hits, using dozens of enemie abilities that turn you into a near invincible pink killing machine, and not even having to properly utlilize the stages platforming, while doing as you please THEN it truly feels like this was designed for a 5 year old. However, a 5 year old would never beable to beat Kirby's Canvas Curse. HAL needs to plunk in a 'hard' mode from the start.

If Kirby is for 5 year olds than Metroid is for girls. They should of renamed it Barbie the Bounty Hunter.

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DRL wrote:

Metroid by a mile. An intergalactic mile.

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As much as I love Kirby games, Metroid owns a special place in my heart. The gameplay's design chances depending in what console you pick up and play the game, but for me, Prime's the best FPS out in the market.

However, I prefer the 2D-Metroid games over the newer ones, and Super Metroid is a relic that musn't be missing in your collection, and even more if you're a lifelong Nintendo fan.

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I would say Metroid, but to be fair I did not grow up playing either of them and when I did try these two Nintendo franchises I found that I am more comfortable with Metroid.




I own and have played many more Kirby games than Metroids, but I think Metroid is better.

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