Topic: Is Yoshi's Island part of the Main Series Canon?

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@dings: SMB2(US) wasn't where luigi's higher jump and farther slides when stopping came from -- that was SMB2(J). We did get the princess's affinity for floating, bob-ombs, shy guys, pokeys, and snifits, though. :3

bro2dragons wrote:

i'm gonna take a wild guess and say it was NOT their first appearance.

Their first appearance outside of a dream sequence was SMB3. :3

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@TBD: But the tap-dancing animation while he jumps DID start in SMB2.

Also, you apparently failed to notice where I corrected bro2dragons after that post you quoted. He thought we'd be talking about Yoshi's Island, not SMB2.

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It's the same with Super Mario Land 3 which isn't a Mario game either but the first game of the Wario series.

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