Topic: Is the Sega Saturn worth buying?

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I would say yes, the Sega Saturn is grossly underrated in North America, I remember having a Sega Saturn and I was very happy. Keep in mind the Sega Saturn only failed in the North American market, and was and still is very popular in Japan. There was a couple of things that killed the Saturn in North America, it was a perfect tide of idiotic moves.
1) the Sega CD I like this system
2) Sega 32x
3) miscommunication between the Japanese Headquarters and North America headquarters
4) overly complicated engineering
5) Sega, undermining the retailers
From what I hear Japan wanted to solely focus on the next generation so they wanted to focus on the Sega Saturn that miscommunication led to the Sega 32x and Sega CD. Sega was going to use that as a stop-gap between the genesis and the Saturn, what that really did is that stole resources (internally ) from the Saturn. While engineers were working on the 32x and Sega CD, they could have used that time to work on Sega Saturn, but their time was spent on two short-lived and accessories. Sega was also essentially stealing shelf space from themselves and confusing consumers. If a person would buy a Sega 32x they would not realize they would have to buy another accessory to play it. The same with the Sega CD, this, in turn, angered customers in the North American market. While programmers and developers were getting the dev kits for Sega 32x they would quickly cancel the Sega 32x. This would anger developers and consumers. The Sega 32x lasted only 1-year angering consumers and developers. while the Sega CD lasted 4 years. The main reason for the distrust between developers and Sega. It was because of the short life of the Sega 32x EA refused to program for them, so they lost a huge sports line. Then, Sega's biggest mistake the Sega Saturn was set to release in September of 1995, they launched in March April of 1995. This was a huge surprise to retailers because they were caught off guard, this surprised developer because they were caught off guard. What really caused the demise of the Sega Saturn was not just one thing it was a cascading of things that doomed Sega's reputation and loss of consumer and retailer confidence that doomed the Sega Saturn. Which is to bad because the Sega Saturn is a very underrated system and has some really good games.
if they had better communication between the US and Japan if they did not do the 32x or at least integrate that into the Sega Saturn if they made the Saturn backward compatible with the Sega CD, If they made programming for the Sega Saturn a little easier, and if they did not do the Saturnday surprise launch they would have done better. Or if they at least did a contest to get a Saturn early. If they fixed those mistakes the Saturn in my mind would have done a lot better. Because Saturn is a wonderful system and has some wonderful games. My advice for getting a Sega Saturn gets one from a reputable retailer I like, get a new battery in it, and get it modified so it can play the US and Japanese games. It can also play VideoCD's early version of DVD but you have to get a special adapter. Get Daytona USA, Fighting Vipers, Virtual Fighters , House of Dead Virtual Cop 1 and 2 and gets some Japanese import games and have fun with this underrated video game console I wish i steal had my Sega Saturn It is a good system. My favorite game Command and Conquer and Fighting Vipers



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