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Do you consider the Gamecube to be a retro console? I wouldn't myself and similarly I didn't view the N64 as retro console until the release of the Wii.
Do you consider a console outside the current generation to be retro or only when it reaches the 10-15 year mark?



I don't know if there's necessarily a specific "year mark" that will makes a console "retro". I think it has more to do with the so-called generation modelof console gaming, and that a system 2-3 generations old will begin to be called "retro".

That being said, i don't think the 'Cube can be considered retro yet, particularly as its media format is still supported by the Wii via backwards compat. I've only barely begun considering the 64 as a retro console, but i suppose it is appropriate to consider it such. I'm probably just reluctant since i was already almost finished with college when the console came out, so to think of it as "retro" really makes me feel old. =)

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Well, I've actually never really though about it but I think that my definition of retro is pretty much like the shpydar's, when there's one generation separating it from the current one it's retro. That and a bit if it can be emulated well. Those are the main criteria in my mind.

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I agree with everyone above. You have to have distance between generations before I would consider something retro. After the next Wii is released then, yes, the Gamecube will be retro.



For me, the definition of RETRO is appropriate for machines older than 20 years. Machines like Atari 2600, NES and C64 and Game Boy.

SNES, Mega Drive and Turbografx and other machines from the early 90'ies period are on their way to be retro as the next generation launches.


when people are no longer remaking N64 games then it will be retro.

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when people are no longer remaking N64 games then it will be retro.

I Agree I still have my N64 and i still play it to this day because it was a great system the only thing that was bad about it was the controller like for example when u play SSB you have to use the Stick to move why couldn't they also let people use the D Pad as well incase the control stick broke you know try to make it assessible for the entire controller. cause like in Brawl you can use the Gamecube Controller and the Wii Remote to move around with your D Pad not saying the control stick isn't also as good but just make it so that thats another way to play not everyone likes a stick lots of people like the D Pad for movement. BUT IMHO I think The Gamecube is coming to being retro one day ^^ as is the 64 if not this year then by 2011 it should be.

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Retro consoles are those ones that are not available anymore for about five years. I consider th GameCube coming close to being retro.

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"Is the Gamecube a retro console?"

Not yet. The 64 has only just reached that status me thinks, but the Gamecube no, not for some time. WiiHD could change that if GC support is dropped, which I hope it isn't.



At the moment, not really. Not to get a whole lot of you rallied up, but the quality of GC is still matched with some Wii games; even from the 1st party lineup.



No not when the older PS2 is still selling quite well and is from the same generation.

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I still play gamecube games and don't really consider them as retro , but N64 is retro for sure because the difference between the two is really big ( the games on N64 are still great to play do.)

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No. The N64 isn't Retro. I guess the SNES could be retro.

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SNES: Also retro
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No its technology is still pretty good compared to the Wii, and I don't even think the N64 should be considered retro yet. SNES and NES, though, ARE retro, imo.

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