Topic: Are Tetris 2 and Tetris Blast any good?

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Has anyone played Tetris Blast for Gameboy?

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(You made 2 threads? One for this and one for Tetris 2? Why not combine?)

I loved Tetris Blast, and was disappointed that it didn't make the cut for the 20 Game Boy reviews here recently. Great fun, one of the most original Tetris titles, and includes not only tons of interesting puzzles but boss battles as well, which are actually very fun and challenging. Get it!

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@wariowoods good idea, I just combined the threads. Thanks for posting the commercial. I think I will have to get it, it looks cool.

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Both good games; Tetris Blast is better than Tetris 2 IMO, but neither will ever match the original for me.

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Tetris Blast is a lot of fun. Of course the regular stages get much harder later on

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Give Tetris Plus a try, too. Very different take on the concept, but quite entertaining.



@Ricardo91 Tetris DX has shipped, but I have yet to receive it. I am looking forward to it.

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