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I was considering buying Shantae, but Amazon wants more than a $100 for a used copy! No game is worth that much! Is Shantae so rare that sellers are asking that much money!? Is there an online/offline store that asks for less money for a copy of Shantae?



eBay has numerous sellers charging the same, so odds are you're out of luck online.

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Yes it is VERY rare. Ive been trying to track down a copy for quite a long time now. Ive been through my local flea market asking all the sellers to look at every GBC game they have and I did come up with a Oracle of Ages but still no Shantae. shows it for like 15 bucks and I bought it but never got the game and had to fight to get my money back so dont go there. Im willing to spend 50-60 on it but thats about it. I really want to play it bad though.

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Yeah, the Oracle games (which are fairly rare in my experience) are almost commonplace compared to Shantae, which is damn near impossible to find.

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