Topic: Is Mario 64 over-rated?

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Super Mario 64 did not age well in some respects as it was the very first 3D platformer with that level of pure ambition. The N64 graphics in particular haven't aged well but remain pure Mario - before he got all cute with star sprites and cat suits. This was the last surreal, weird Mario. Later games would adopt an almost Disney cute tone.

Even compared to Banjo & Kazooie (which came out soon after), the enemy count was sparse and the worlds seemed somewhat empty. However with that music, feeling of exploration, sheer creativity on display, just the awesome way it flowed and was put together, it's perhaps the most nostalgic Mario as well. I would love to see a 3DS eShop enhanced remake with better populated redone worlds. An no, Super Mario 64 DS does not count as it lacked analog control and shoehorned in other playable characters. Call me a purest, but my memories where with Mario, not Wario, Yoshi, and Luigi. And with a Mario I can control with absolute analog precision.

Is it overrated? No. It was just amazing and completely unique at the time. Is it dated? Yes, but it holds up well enough to continue to be an essential purchase next to Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, 3D Land, and 3D World. Super Mario Sunshine felt too different with the water shooting mechanics. It was the Super Mario Bros. 2 of the 3D Mario games - fun, but not the droids I'm looking for.

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It was revolutionary for its time because it was the first big 3D platformer, but it hasn't aged particularly well.


A revolutionary, groundbreaking, 3D stunner that dazzled the dozens....back in 1996.

Combined with the super innovative next gen feeling N64 Pad + analog stick where you could get even the most subtle and precise movements out of our beloved chubby italian plumber. Kids who missed out on it, and are jumping into it NOW after already experiencing tons 3D platformers on the Gamecube, PS2, XBOX, Wii, PS3, XBOX 360(you get the idea) will not get that sense of wonder or magic seeing & playing Mario in 3D for the first time, nor will they get that revolutionary feeling like those who played it at launch in the mid 90's after being so accustomed to the SNES. Heck, I was used to the saturn and PS2 and Mario 64 still completely blew me away. Still, Mario 64 using the N64 stick still provides thee' best 3D controls ever(imo) for a 3D platformer.....seems like that level of precision has been dropped with so many 3D platformers nowadays.

still, M64 can't touch SMB1,2,3 & World though. It hasn't aged wonderfully like the previous entries in the franchise and in this day and age it comes off looking rather generic, barren and bland. But that's 1st wave 3D graphics for ya! I'm not a big fan of it's soundtrack either outside of maybe the underwater theme.

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I would give it no less than a 9/10 right now. It still holds up pretty well if you ask me. With tons of side-quests involving all kinds of things that you can do, actions that Mario could perform, given the circumstances. What I did not like was the fact that a lot of these stars were making up for a long and frustrating trip. The game also could've had a unique spawn point for each quest in a given stage (maybe that would require extending the maps a bit, possibly cutting off 1 or 2 stages out of the game if needed). Another good idea would be to include hidden 'action rooms' within the stages that would contain the fire flower and a bunch of baddies for Mario to fight (for an extra star).



Personally I feel its pretty good, about a 7.5/10 for me. It was revolutionary, but it has aged the worst of any mario game.

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I don't think it's aged well. Having played it after Galaxy, I think the controls and camera are wonky and I'm not a fan of the non-linear gameplay. It's still a good game in it's own right though and it helped create masterpieces like Sunshine and Galaxy.

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Mario 64 is a FANTASTIC game and its certainly impressive. I mean this WAS the first 3D Mario game ever made and while not everything was perfect, it did a lot of things right and was quite polished for a first try.

With that said though, I think this, along with The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time are indeed very overrated. I feel that these games were perfect for their time but have since been outdone by recent releases in their respective series. I consider Mario Galaxy one of the most ingeniously crafted and well designed games ever made and Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda game thus far. I feel as if nostalgia is getting in the way of Nintendos progression. If a new game is too different, people hate it. if its too much of the same, they claim it to be uncreative and beg for new ideas. They just can't win.

But thats another discussion for another thread. So in short, Mario 64 is fantastic and a classic but its time has passed. But it shall always be remembered as a gem from our childhoods.

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It is much better if you play it on a real N64. The Water Effect still looks good on the real hardware nobody has emulated it well yet it is still quite good. (I prefer it to Sunshine anyway.)

New Super Mario Bros is a complete waste of space though. (Other than with the riivolution mod's).

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I downloaded it for free through Club Nintendo and played it for the first time as I was a Playstation gamer back then and all I got to say is yikes! I turned it off after 5 minutes.

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Ryno wrote:

I downloaded it for free through Club Nintendo and played it for the first time as I was a Playstation gamer back then and all I got to say is yikes! I turned it off after 5 minutes.

Your loss dude. You're missing out on a great game.

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No, is not over-rated. Same for FFVI and Chrono Trigger. You must go back in time in order to understand the rating. You can't compare a game based on what we have right now.

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mario 64? nope
mario 64 DS? completely(the controls)

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nope. It's the ultimate 3rd person platformer, and wrote the book on the genre. Honestly think it controls better than sunshine still.

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Depends on what you understand under "overrated"
Some people i talked to think its means "reviews from back then compared to competitor games nowadays" and others think it means "Scores now against scores back then". I guess there are many other interpretations of this.
My opinion: It is still among the best 3D platformers out there. Its hard to compare it to other 3D Mario games directly, since they all try to achieve something different with a different aproach. On its own, its definitly one of the best even today. It gives the player freedom to explore while still offering the satisfaction of "unlocking" stuff like new levels and hub areas to explore. If you want to complete the game 100% you need marios different hat abilitys which are completely optional and must be discovered by the player without giving too much hints.
You can tackle a stage anyway you like. You can follow the hint you get at the start of the stage or you could explore on your own to find a different one. There is no handholding whatsoever.
But on another note: The whole concept of "overrated" or not bogs me. For me, there are just good and not so good games. And if they are good, they stay that way, even if there are better ones in that genre. Like Final Fantasy VII. There is so much debate over it beeing over or underrated that it isnt even funny anymore.


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Wait wait wait wait... this is like asking is FF7 overrated.. or is Mario Kart overrated... the fact of the matter is.. the classics.. if your a true gamer.. is never overrated.. and Mario 64 is a classic.. and has fabulous game play even by today's standards.. for Mario 64 there will never be such a thing as over rated.. it's just that damn good.. (Kind of like Earthbound.. and the list can go on and on.. pending on personal preference..)

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Mario 64 is basically the 3D Mario terms of innovation and quality. There are better games out there and even in the same genre that came just a bit afterwards but it's still extremely solid and between still being good and its importance in gaming is practically a requirement to play.

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This game is soooo overated and it didnt age as well as other n64 games. I can barely play this game it controls so bad. I agree with Ryno and if you dont get this game you arent missing out on anything.

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YES you are only missing out on one of the most unique Mario games in the series. And it is not at all overrated and deserves all the praise it gets. If that is true then that means that games like Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 are overrated cause they are not in 3D and don't have HD graphics. I have played just about every Mario game other than the crap made by other companies and none of them were like Mario 64. I also recently picked up Super Mario 64 DS and it was... alright. I just did not like switching to different characters just to get extra stars and it took away from the gameplay along with the d-pad controls. Overall if you have never played Super Mario 64 I would highly recommend it over the short lived experience of Star Fox 64 (not saying that game is bad either since it would be on my top 10 best n64 games list).

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