Topic: Is Mario 64 over-rated?

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I've never played Mario 64, and I've saved up enough Club Nintendo stars to get 1000 Nintendo Points and have been wondering whether to get this or Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64).

But I've been looking at reviews of Mario 64 and I've noticed something - practically every reviewer talks about how important and revolutionary the game was at the time, or how nostalgic it makes them feel. But rarely mentions how good it is now, in 2013.

Graphics aside, does this game really hold up in a world where we have Mario Galaxy 1 & 2?

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I've never played Lylat Wars so I can't compare the two but Mario 64 is an awesome game! It really does all come down to relativity though. Someone who first played it back in 1996 is going to see the game differently than someone who first played it in 2006, 2013 different still. It does hold up it's own definitely.
If you've never played either game before however I'd say go for Lylat Wars for one important reason. The market is rife with Mario games, whether it's the main series, a spin-off 2D game or a spin-off 3D game like the New Super Mario World 3D that's coming out. Whereas we haven't seen a new Starfox game for what is it now, 10years? But that is, as I said, if you've never played either of them before.
Well, that's my two cents...


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Yeah, I played Starwing on a friend's SNES back in the day and thought it was awesome, which is why I was thinking it might be good...


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For it's time, Super Mario 64 was (probably) not overrated. It created a solid foundation for the 3D platforming genre while also being pretty good in its own right. Nowadays it feels dated and overrated simply because other games (including Mario titles) have refined that gameplay to a new standard.

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Not really. It was amazing at the time and the praise it gets is well deserved.

It haven't aged all that well though, IMO.

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19Robb92 wrote:

Not really. It was amazing at the time and the praise it gets is well deserved.

It haven't aged all that well though, IMO.

Really I was thinking about all the reviews of the Wii VC re-release from 2006. Most of the reviews I found online from then gave it 9/10 or 10/10, but when you looked for the reasons behind the high scores, it was always about how significant it was back in 1996 or whenever it was.

And especially given that since 2006 we've had Galaxy 1 & 2 and soon to have 3D World, it just doesn't seem that enticing a proposition anymore. Unlike, say SMB3 or SMW which I still love even though NSMBU is also awesome.

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I had never played Mario 64 before about a year or two ago, and I thought the Galaxy games were out of it's league.

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It's like Donkey Kong. The graphics are what they are, the gameplay takes 3 minutes, yet you can still admire the game. I think it's the same here - you play it for the milestone aspect of it and it can be fun on its own..

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Its simply one of those games that must be played to see how far we have come in 3d platforming. It hold up much better in the latter half of the game as it does get challenging. I still like the formula much better in this game then in more recent games. Graphics wise yeah it doesn't hold up but still looks a bit better on the vc then the n64 cartridge. If you like the galaxy games then you should like this just fine gameplay wise!

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it's not over-rated, but it does get a bit more attention than it deserves. a lot of people say it is because the camera isn't that good, but i say the camera is better in the N64 better, worse in the DS remake. haven't played the Wii VC version though. i will say that i think OoT is over-rated. it has had more re-releases than any other zelda game, and me personally, i think there are better zelda games in the franchise.


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Super Mario 64 never has and will be overrated. It truly deserves it's praise.



Graphics aside, it's held up well. Every level is expansive and fun to explore, the music is awesome, the controls are responsive and even though the polygons are outdated the colors are good too. I was born in 1998 so I'm incapable to hold nostalgia for this game. Even so, played this game from start to finish and I'm perfectly willing to do so again when it's released on the Wii U Virtual Console. That's just my opinion.

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Mario 64 is not overrated. It has held up remarkably well, and truly deserves the praise it gets. I didn't play it until it came to VC, and I had played Mario Galaxy before this game. Now, I think Galaxy's the better game (it's my favorite game ever) but Mario 64 is still a true gem of a game. So from the eyes of someone with no nostalgia, yes, it's really good.
Star Fox 64, on the other hand, was not overrated when it came out, but is overrated nowadays, at least in my opinion. It's still a game that should be played, but it's not in the same league as Mario 64.

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Super Mario 64 may be over-rated by some, but it is still a great game that everyone must play, even by today's standards. The first 3D Mario game I ever played was Super Mario Sunshine when I was 6 or 7. I didn't even know what to do, got practically nowhere, and sold the game about 2 hours in. The next one I played which is practically my first 3D Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy, I liked it a lot so I decided to get Super Mario 64 off the Wii VC. Mario 64 was fantastic, it was so creative, not in the sense of Super Mario Galaxy's wacky themes and such, but the secret stars, the hidden worlds, the great level design. It wowed me. Much more than Super Mario Galaxy ever did. The sense of exploration throughout Peach's castle is unmatched. It gave me a challenge back then, and I loved every minute of it.
Eventually I ended up buying back Super Mario Sunshine, and it became my favorite, but I won't go into that since it would take me hours In conclusion though Super Mario 64 is a great game that exudes nostalgia, even if you have never played the game before in your ife. It is a game any true gamer should play, and it is definitely worth the small price of those Nintendo points.

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I honestly wouldn't call it overrated at all. To make a long story short, I think it was the beginning of a new era of gaming, and was a great start of it.
That being said, I think it still holds up pretty well today even. But Star Fox (lylat Wars) is also a fantastic game, so you have a tough choice there.

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I first played the Wii VC version somewhere around year 2010, having played the Galaxies and Sunshine before. I wanted to get some more 3D-Mario goodness so Mario 64 was the natural way to go; I was really pumped up for it too having read all the reviews basically calling it the greatest game there ever was or will be.

So when I fired up the game, my mind not tinted by nostalgia... I was sorely disappointed. Being an N64 game graphics of course are what they are, but the camera is horrendous, the controls are slippery and I wasn't a fan of the level design either. It just wasn't fun. Maybe it gets better later on; I stopped playing after, like 10 stars.

Tl:Dr: Yes it's over-rated and has aged poorly.

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am i the only one around here who likes the graphics to SuperMario64? they may not be the best, but they have a charm to them.


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