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(Putting this discussion in retro cause these have to do with some retro items)

So I happened upon something interesting and wanted to ask about some background info on what I got. I picked up a baggy with some vintage controller skins, as well as some Nintendo brand stickers (you can find them at the dropbox link below!). As far as I have found out, these controller decals were in certain issues of Nintendo Power magazine back in the (most likely early) 1990s. Certain skins just scream retro Nintendo. The skins could be put on your NES or Super NES controllers to add a bit of color!
Heres all the decals I got:

Unfortunately this is all I've really found out about them and have barely been able to find any other real Nintendo brand controller decals, as most decals are custom made. I would love to hear about more info on these, potentially what issues these specific skins came from, how many different skins are they, and what kind of value these have in the current market?



I remember these. I didn’t have any, but they were definitely an insert in Nintendo Power during the SNES era. Probably early 90s as you mentioned. There were also NES controller decals, but this may have been it for the SNES. You’re right about there not being much information out there on them. I found the following old forum with a little bit of info:

There’s a link in there about midway down that will lead you to a list of all inserts ever in Nintendo Power magazine. It appears from this list that the two sheets you have probably shipped in separate issues.

Not sure on any sort of value. It seems like they might be a bit on the rare side, vintage Nintendo merchandise usually carries some value, and it’s real nice that they’re still in tact on the card; but it really just boils down to what someone is willing to pay for them on any given day.

They’re a very cool find nonetheless. If I found them in that condition, I’d have a hard time deciding between putting them on my SNES and mini controllers, or mounting them in a frame to hang on a wall.

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@bimmy-lee Interesting, and thanks for the link! This seems to be something people most likely overlooked, which is why it isn't documented so much, but to me, it just seems fascinating.
As much as I would love to use one on a controller, I don't have any duplicates I could preserve if I were to use one! I will most likely stick to keeping them in good condition, for now!



@Mister_theMan Yeah I remember those as well I even had a few on my controllers. The NES ones came in a December or January issue I want to say because I remember a New Year's theme one for 1990 I want to say.

As having little documentation of course there isn't they came out in a time before the internet so really there was no way of documentation.

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@Tasuki I've seen the 1990 New Years skin a few times, it seems to be the most common one out of the bunch. And that reason makes total sense as to why there is very little documentation. Even with somebody keeping track on what posters and inserts came with specific Nintendo Power magazines, they've only been able to confirm what issue the New Years skin came from, and can't confirm any other issues with controller skins at the moment.



@Tasuki The Super Power Club launched at the end of 1992 (along with the Nintendo Power Trading Cards which ran through 1994). I think it was with the January 1993 issue which NP launched a tradition of giving subscribers extra content in the January issues which weren't in the copies of the issues sent to game stores (such as EB).
I vaguely recall seeing those (had a sub like '93-'95), in the second set that one explosion graphic is reminding me of the Metroid comic which ran in the 1994 issues.
Wait, taking a closer look, that's the Arwing, so it was StarFox, the subject of the 1993 comics.



Thanks for the info, @KingMike , this helps me track down a probable timespan in which these controller skins were most likely included in an issue of Nintendo Power! The Starfox skin by far is one of the more remarkable ones I've seen, next to the circuit board skins for both NES and SNES controllers.



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