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The list overrates or underrates some Nes games like Dragon Warrior 3 being ranked 96th.

There are 2 games that have no business on the list for sure.

Double Dragon 3 is the worse Double Dragon game on the Nes and ranked 55th on the list and it is ranked ahead of Double Dragon 2. I own all 3 Nes Double Dragon games over 16 years and played them Double Dragon 3 has no business on the list and the game is known to be the black sheep of the original 3 Double Dragon games overall. I played Double Dragon 1, 2 and 3 outside of the Nes.

While I never played the MSX version of Metal Gear, Metal Gear seemed like it was a bad game to me on the Nes. I used to own and Metal Gear on the Nes and I wasn't a fan of the game.

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"Of all time"? What, are NES games still being made that this need to be specified?

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IGN has now lost even more credibility to me. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is at #98 and TMNT2 is at #41, but TMNT3, which surpasses TMNT2 and is miles ahead of TMNT1, isn't on the list at all! How could they possibly leave such a gem of a game off the list completely while the trash that is TMNT1 is on the list?!

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Nice list but lacks a lot of great games.

No Battle of Olympus?? Pfft, come on

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Bullshit. Teenage mutant tournament fighters, shadow of the ninja, kabuki quantum fighter, kiwi kraze, gi joe real american hero, felix the cat theyre missing SO many. And some of those games on their list are crap!



Dragon Quest 1 over 3 and 4?

Yeah. No.



Super Mario Bros 3 is the best NES game ever, and indeed the best 8bit game on any system. Whenever these lists are done, there are only 2 games you can really put at the #1 spot, depending on the exact definition of top.

If it's top (most important), then the #1 spot goes to Super Mario Bros, and if it's top (best game), then it's Super Mario Bros 3, so there is no real debate for the top slot.

As for if Ninja Monkey 7 is slightly better or worse than Ninja Monkey 12, or whatever, it's going to divide opinion, so you can go back and forth with it.



Yeah, as intriguing as the list appears, I'm not really in the mood to click NEXT every few seconds. Ten in the same page would've helped a lot. I stopped at 89.

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of course it is i mean there noting better then Super Mario Bros 3.


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I thought it was a good list. I was glad to see titles such as Skate or Die 2, Willow, Wizards and Warriors and a few lesser know titles make the cut. There were a few games that left me scratching my head like Double Dragon 3 ranked above Double Dragon 2. Also Fester's Quest made the list? that's odd because I hear that one is pretty bad. Overall I thought the list was very well done.

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ign is a load of shit with any top lists

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Nice list, and I often disagree with IGN. Super Mario Bros.3 deftinely derserves the number 1 spot on the list.



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