Topic: I wonder if there will ever be replacement Gameboy screens and SNES console shells?

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I just got my Gameboy modded with an RGB Backlight and it looks a lot better than stock. It is a very playable experience with our spoiled eyes in this Mobile HD era. But the backlit Gameboy DMG has it flaws the screen is not bright enough, ghosting on the screen is now much more noticeable almost distracting depending on how you tune your contrast. The screen on the DMG is known for the vertical line issue which is the solder joints breaking towards the bottom ribbon which can be fixed by reflowing the brown ribbon cable which also happens to be heat resistant but if you have a horizontal line your pretty much screwed you will need an adjustable solder iron to reflow the solder joints on the white ribbon cable within the screen which is prone to heat damage. Or what if you don't have an aging issue and fail to backlit mod your GameBoy DMG, Pocket by damaging the ribbon or the screen cracks somehow then what? Well, your out of luck you're going to have to buy another GameBoy and try again and like many people, you may pile up on broken GameBoys. I prefer to just pay a premium by using services or buying a premodded one?

So overall wouldn't it just be better like the other handheld consoles to replace the entire screen and give those broken Gameboys a new life, not like the Benn Venn screen which changes the outside look but it maintains the original size of the dot matrix screen so you can use the iconic screen covers. And i mean a plug-in replacement screen. Take the old board out and put in the new board with the new screen that has RGB palette changing capabilities, sharper pixels and removes the ghosting effect. I think something like this would be amazing with how many broken Gameboys are out there i would also like to see backlit screens for Bandai WonderSwan and the Neo Geo Pocket Colour but i think those are far less likely to have such mods.

This is a list of all the handheld that have replacement screens almost all Nintendo handhelds have replacement screens available
Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, PC Engine GT/Turbo Express, Sega Nomad which have lcd screen mods available such as the MCWILL screens

GBC and GBA/GBA SP 001, SP 101 all can be modded with an AGS 101 Screen even the Gameboy Micro has screen replacements readily available

PSP's, DS's' Vita, 3DS, Switch and even the Wii U have screen replacements available

so why can't the original Gameboys?

Now i would also like to talk about the SNES. There are many yellowed units out there and unlike the other systems that just yellow. The SNES, on the other hand, breaks apart and that is what's happening to those earlier revision Super Nintendo's is that they are literally rotting away and Retrobriting will not fix it. Now wouldn't it be awesome to just have replacement shells available for the SNES that also have different colors like a clear one or a jungle green one. I remember buying a lot of non working SNES systems and i managed to get almost all of them working again but the shells were crumbling and breaking apart they looked awful and was difficult to sell and that's the main issue is we see these clones, FPGA's mini systems for the SNES but not replacement shells for the original consoles.

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There's probably tons on eBay.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Nope none at all. I'm talking about replacements not old modified screens and there are no 3rd party shells for the SNES.

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I uh...I'm not sure what's going on here. That's very difficult to read.


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@iVirtual For your SNES question, you could try and contact these guys. Seems they were willing/planning to make new shells at some point:
They are a reliable party, and have been mentioned in NLife articles multiple times.

Perhaps you can even ask them about Game Boy screens.

Here's their shop page:

As for the Game Boy screen, you might wanna check these out:

Description underneath the video on the YouTube page:

Prototype of a new LCD for the DMG. Bright backlight with very clear contrast and no blurring. Native resolution is 320x240 so there is some non-linear scaling in the vertical plane. The same as the GB Boy.

Full front PCB's are in production making this a drop in module. You'll need to enlarge the front dmg half viewing window to make way for the larger 3.5" LCD. Can also provide these pre-modified with my CNC mill for a perfect finish.

Target RRP is $40 for the LCD+Front PCB. Available in my store very soon.

Never mind the video. I forgot that you already mentioned that you weren't interested in a Benn Venn screen...

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