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I have almost found all the old games I've ever searched for with the exception of 2 games. I have spent the last 2 months looking for these games with no luck. One more than the other. The only 3 consoles we owned were Sega Master System, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.

Game 1 (the one I want to find the most): This game was set in medieval times. I think there was two castles or a castle and you have to manage it or defend it. You might have been able to upgrade it or something. I feel like it was sort of a strategy game and maybe even turn based. I can remember little soldiers or icons of a soldier vaguely. My brother and I remember renting this game quite a few times because we loved it, but.. for some reason I can't remember a lot of it. I just feel like I remember a top down view of a small castle and units and you have to fight another castle or defend it or something. Gosh that's not a lot to go on.

Game 2: This one was a turn based strategy game vs a computer player/map. You have multiple units. You moved them around the map and they would get into 1 on 1 battles and fight. As the unit won more battles they eventually would level up to a 2nd tier unit and become more powerful. I remember there were a few different types of units and you could pick which ones you would send out. If you sent out birds and did good with them they would become these bigger awesome birds. I loved that game, still haven't found it. It was mainly a top down map where you would just move them around on the map. I can't remember if the encounters were random or if you saw the other units.

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Game 1 could be Defender Of The Crown (NES)

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The second one sounds like a game in the Famicom/Nintendo Wars series, though I know most of them weren't released outside of Japan.

You say you had a Nintendo console? Which one?

This list might help with Game 2.

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I suggest simply youtubing 'all X games ever made' for your systems. Watch the hundreds of games flash by in seconds until you've found what you're looking for. If it's a NES game you're looking for then you might need a little more patience. :3

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both of your descriptions make me think about Heroes of Might and Magic. But I played those on PC I don't if there were console versions.

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I was just watching a video of Defender of the Crown and I'm going to send that to my brother. It doesn't look right or feel right at all though. NIce catch though because it's really does fit the description. My brother said he remember archers too.

Tsuchinoko, the Nintendo console was the original NES console. We never owned a SNES or beyond.

It's unlikely we played anything that wasn't released in the US because we rented TONS of games from radio shack. I'll check out the info you have sent so far! Thanks for helping, this has been such a tough set of games to find!



Game 2: was strictly animals if I remember right. It's almost exactly like those Famicom/Nintendo Wars series. Fight with your guy 3 or 4 times and he morphs into a larger creature, more fearsome. You wanted to keep them alive so they would get stronger. Definitely a top down map, and side view battles. Pretty low key graphics, makes me think sega master system or NES.

Game 1 wasn't really a long arching RPG I don't think. (like heros of might and magic). It was more like a game you popped in and played for 40 minutes then it was over and you could play again. (from what I am vaguely recalling). Wow this is going to be a long shot haha.

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game 1 sounds a bit like rampart, game 2 i haven't the slightest idea but if you find out i want to play it

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I was about to say Rampart.
The one game I can think of similar to 2 is Little Magic for Famicom, but it was a Japanese-only game.
Maybe Master of Monsters for Genesis? It was a very early game, so maybe the graphics weren't very good. Though I haven't actually played it so I don't know if it matches your description, but I see it's a turn-based game and does have side-view battles.



Sounds like a possible dungeons & dragons game. I'm sure some were ported to the NES. Google the ones that were and see if they look familiar! Pool of Radiance may have been on the NES.



I offer Mega-Lo-Mania as a suggestion for game 1.

Apparently it was called Tyrants: Fight Through Time on the Genesis in the US.

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Squiggle55 wrote:

both of your descriptions make me think about Heroes of Might and Magic. But I played those on PC I don't if there were console versions.

I think there were a few HoMM games on the GBA, PS2 and Xbox but not on the older systems like NES or Sega.

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ImDiggerDan wrote:

I offer Mega-Lo-Mania as a suggestion for game 1.

Apparently it was called Tyrants: Fight Through Time on the Genesis in the US.

Never played it, but I love the ad.

And you won't find HoMM on the NES or Genesis because the series wasn't released until 1995, when the NES was discontinued and the Genesis was losing development support.
(though the original Might & Magic series was definitely released)

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Yeah the first one, as you've described it, does sound a lot like Ramparts as others have said.

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


Both games actually sound a bit like Shining Force / Shining Force 2 on the Megadrive but need a bit more to go on. Do you remember any specifics like something distinctive graphically, any music or sound effects you remember? What year was it? I'd be surprised you can't work out which console it was on - I've tracked down games I've just seen at a young age simply by remembering the look of the console, controller or distincitive graphics. Your best bet, though, is to simply ask your brother - if he's older then he may remember more or may have more information to add to what you know to narrow it down.



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