Topic: I need help fixing my Virtual Boy!

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I bought a Virtual Boy the other day for a great price, and it worked well the first few days. The only problem was that it would display a few lines now and then, but it wasn't a big problem. Fast forward to today and the the left lens works fine, but the right one will either show absolutly nothing or everything but pushed up to the very top of the screen, as well as lines. I purchased a screwdriver to open it up and looked at the ribbon cables. One looks clean but the other looks dirty. I've heard that putting it in the oven works to fix it, but its only a temporary fix. I don't want to deal with getting it soldered, so what do I do to fix it? Is there any other options? Thanks for your time!



Contact Nintendo maybe?? Either that or I heard bubblegum and duct tape work fine.

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