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I don't understand why people always need conformation from others to justify their opinion. If you think it is a great game then it is.



I don't need confirmation. I like it and I don't care whether anyone else did. I'm just want to see the opinions and memories of others who liked it.

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I like it too. One of the best Gamecube games, Hands Down.

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I wanted to like it as it looked so good, but it felt rushed in places and the fetch quests were a yawn-fest.



I might pick up Adventures again, now that I can view it as a spinoff.

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I actually just started replaying Adventures again and I have been loving it! I hadn't played it ever since I beat it the first time.
I breezed through areas that had me stumped the first time I played it. (Which was quite a while ago!)

One thing that has been bugging me is that so many voices are the same as some in Conker, which I replay quite a bit. I've been hearing voices and connecting them to their Conker counterpart, since I'm more familiar with that game.


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FATEM wrote:

I loved Adventure almost as much as I loved Lylat Wars.
What I hated was people whinging about Nintendo trying to take the series in different direction.

Funny thing is, that wasn't even the original intention. The game sprouted from a project originally meant for the N64 simply called "Dinosaur Planet." Somebody noticed that the design of the game (particularly character design) looked remarkably similar to Star Fox and decided it should be changed and moved to Gamecube. So technically, they didn't set out to move Star Fox in a new direction in the beginning.

I liked the game, and don't really get why it gets so much hate at all. So it's not as good as Zelda...what fool would expect it to be? It comes plenty close, and is good fun on its own, which is what counts.

I haven't played much of Assault, but I really like kicking butt in Sniper Rifle-only multiplayer matches with my brother and a friend or two.

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It's like the Super Mario USA of the Star Fox series, strays too far from its predecessors, but a great game in its own right! I was not very interested in it. I prefer Star Fox Assault, I don't get why it wasn't more successful! So it could maybe use a few more levels and alternate exits, but it is back to being mostly a space shooter! The graphics are better, the voice cast is the best the series has had so far, and it's just as fun as any Star Fox should be! Come on, what's not to love about it?!



I enjoyed the game, but it wasn't what most people expect out of a "Star Fox" title.

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