Topic: I just beat Probotector! (spoilers)

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I just beat Probotector (Contra Hard Corps) last night for the first time in 15 years! What a seriously awesome game! I had completely forgotten what the final boss even looked like. Its the alien commander that goes through a Wolfman/Dragonball Z style transformation, then into a double headed Freddy Kruger/ Sausage Roll/ Snake Necked thing (??? I know, that Konami were crazy,lol!) then into a floating brain with rotating, pulsating skulls!!
I bought the game a few weeks ago and have been chipping away at it since, and yes its called Hard Corps for a reason!

Seriously, I cant think of any recent game that gave me the same thrill at the final stage, or the same punch the air satisfaction that I got last night from beating that boss. Dont be too cross if you think I just spoiled the ending for you, the game has 6 (I think) different endings, so thats 6 different final boss's for you to enjoy. I really hope this comes to VC at some stage so that everyone can have the same experience with this game that I had, locked and loaded!

BTW, I only used two continues!



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