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Thanks to the Strategy Wiki, I finally beat the sandworms in ALTTP. All I had to do was use the spin attack constantly while dodging the flying rocks. I didn't battle the worm that shoots rocks everywhere, though. Maybe I killed it before it could attack.

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There are three worms, once you've killed two, the last one will gain a souped-up attack. If you kill both worms at the same time when there's two left, you won't have to deal with this.

And, uh, yay, I guess? Really, you had to consult a guide to think of using your most powerful attack against a boss you had trouble with?



I remember playing the GBA version and being stuck on that boss as a kid. I tried a MILLION times to beat it, but I almost never got close. Ah, when gaming was still innocent.

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I can agree with that. Lttp bosses were haaard. Sometimes felt unfairly so.
Like the boss where you had to hit his face armour with the hammer to break it off. But after not long he'd move around the arena pretty quickly, often straight forwards with no warning, which did damage to you. And since the hammer has near-on no range whatsoever, you had to be practically sat on him in the first place. He had a tendancy to flick his tail out across the arena too, which was a pain to avoid. And his fireballs were just an added annoyance to all of the above.
Blind was horrible two, with all those indestructible floating heads flying around and spitting those red energy bullets at you, whilst Blind himself attacked you with lasers. and his own bullets.
Then there was that 3-headed boss two where you had to hit the 2 coloured heads with the opposite-element Rod (Fire or Ice), but only when its mouth was open, which was a pretty short time. Those Rods eat up magic power like almost nothing else, and there's no other available way to damage it, not even a mercy low-damage tactic that doesn't require magic. And again, it had a tendancy to hurl it's third head towards you with little warning for heavy damage. I know that its tail starts waving around when it's about to do that, but when you're down at the bottom of the screen waiting for one of its mouths to open, the tail is up off the top where you can't see it.

Basically, LTTP was a wholly excellent game but the bosses (and some parts of dungeons) were rather too unforgiving. You basically had to blow every Rupee you earnt on Red and Green Potions. Provided you had enough bottles to put them in, anyway. But then I guess this was pretty soon after the NES era, where developers were still struggling a little to find a good balance between difficulty and design. I mean, look at Super Metroid. I bet I'm not the only one who spent a fair while dying to the very first boss (not counting the Ridley encounter) thanks to it's pretty high health, compared to your measly five missiles and no charge shot, and it's tendancy to walk right across the room and trap you against the wall. It was pretty hard to jump over too.

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Yeah, I'm playing the GBA version. What I was doing wrong was flailing my sword every which way while running mindlessly around the room. Then, I learned to use the spin attack, and after that it took only two more tries. Here's hoping for more of the story coming soon.

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