Topic: How many of you actually played Master Quest?

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How many people actually played Master Quest? I liked it because if your a Zelda fan like me, you would have beaten OoT many times by now. It gets easy. Even the bosses were alot harder. Stupidly, i sold it for money and i regret it.

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I've played it, it was okay. The dungeons are more strange than difficult. The Water Temple is even easier. So, I prefer the original.

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I did play Master Quest. Honestly, I didn't think it was much harder than normal OoT.


Its harder. But maybe only because its different. I mean, I ran 00t into the ground.

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I haven't played it yet but a friend of mine has it so I can borrow it, is worth playing it ? I love Zelda games but I don't really see the point in playing a game that is just a little different than the one I've alrady played hundreds of times. Maybe you can enlighten me on this topic



Different dungeon layout, item locations and skulltulla locations. yeah it's worth it. OoT is cool in this altered form. New puzzles!
I completed both games on the Gamecube disc, the original and Master Quest 100%.


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