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For me I have






I gotta admit that the Wii left me with not much of games that I want to sorry Wii. Hey atleast I gotta get Metroid prime Trilogy and Shake it to make it up cause those are definitely something I have to get somehow!

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Wii U-11

Sega MS-16
Sega MD-32
Sega Mega CD-2
Sega MD 32X-2
Sega Saturn-11
Sega Game Gear-5

Xbox 360-10


Atari 2600-24
Atari 7800-1




Wii U - 13 (+ loads of VC and eShop)
Wii - 30+ (saddens me to see how many people missed so many great games)
GC - 15
DC - 10
N64 - 15
Saturn - 6
SNES - 24
NES - 4

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NES 10+
GB(A) 20+
PSX about 100
PS2 100+
PS3 100+
PSP about 50
Wii 10+
Wii U 5

I've sold many games in a stupid why did I sell these games peroid in my life, so I don't have exact numbers except for the Wii U.


Genesis: 2
N64: 1
GCN: 28
Wii: 30
Wii U: 21
GBC: 3
GBA: 10
DS: 22
3DS: 28
PS1: 11
PS2: 32
PS3: 58
PSP: 10
PSV: 8

I think?

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The console I have most games for is Dreamcast with 62
Next is Wii with 36

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This list is physical games, I don't include digital rental downloads.
WiiU - 9 (Wii 2 I haven't sold yet)
Gamecube - 24
N64 - 28
SNES - 71
NES - 82 (Famicom 19)

3DS - 18 (1 DS remaining FF3)
GBA - 42

PS4 - 4 (PS3 6 remaining)

I also have a smaller selection of old vintage tabletop arcades, lcd games, game & watch/watches, and physical pc games.

At their highpoint the various Nintendo systems up there I'd have had like 50-70+ releases before bleeding off stuff I didn't care to keep or repeat. I also used to have anything (pico aside) Sega had, Sony too, NGPC and a Turbo Duo.

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nintendyagmr wrote:

I'm sad.

If you play PC games then I'd be happy to gift you a Steam key to end your suffering.

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Geonjaha wrote:

nintendyagmr wrote:

I'm sad.

If you play PC games then I'd be happy to gift you a Steam key to end your suffering.

Please, so generous!!

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NES 241
Super Nintendo 328
Nintendo64 267
GameCube 152
Wii 86
Wii U 17
iQue Player 5
GameBoy 162
GameBoy Color 58
GameBoy Advance 106
DS 60
3DS 25
Pokémon Mini 5
Sega Master System 29
Sega Megadrive 123
Sega Saturn 11
Sega Dreamcast 34
Sega GameGear 48
Atari 2600 103
Atari Jaguar 4
Atari Lynx 30
Philips Videopac 47
Philips CD-i 28
Watara Supervision 35
ColecoVision 6
Ps1 7

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This is an estimate but I counted recently so I think I can be fairly accurate. Does not include digital and note some of these systems I use emulators...usually the older ones with the low numbers.
NES (sold when I was 7 and haunts me to this day...I miss my power glove): I want to say...8 I think?
Sega Genesis: 8
SNES: 6 (broke two as a child)
GBC: 4
N64: 23
GC: 57
Ps2: 17
Ps3: 25
Xbox: 3
Xbox 360: 45
Sega Saturn: 7
Wii: 52
Wii U: 20
3ds: 25
Vita: 5 (finally!)
PC: somewhere around 70.
DS and GBA aren't on the list because I used flash carts during that gen. Now that I'm an adult with decent jobs (hate to say that is plural) I'm buying as much as I can.

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