Topic: How far are you in each Zelda game?

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UPDATE: I'm in Karakiro Village. Now what?

Never had Minish Cap.

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I'm only going to toss up OoT since it's the only one of interest at the moment. I've completed 100% before. Currently I'm at the Fire Temple miniboss, on my minimalist, broken giant knife playthrough.

So basically I can't get anything that isn't required to beat the game (not even useless things like Deku Nuts).
The only exception to the rule is that I had to get 10 gold skultula tokens, to get the adult wallet, to get the giant's knife.

I haven't played it in a while but progress was pretty smooth. The Forest Temple was a lot harder since Stalfos kill me in 2 hits, come in packs of 2 a room and take 5 hits each to kill. Then Phantom Ganon was difficult since deflecting his energy balls back at him with the tiny stub of a blade was a lot harder than it would be with a proper sword.


Link To The Past (GBA): last dungeon, I got the Big Key and the (red?) armour.
Ocarina: Got to light temple and didn't pick it back up again...again... I got that game with my N64. I got to the second dungeon and stopped until about a year or two ago. I might pick it up again someday, but I really need new controllers, the joy sticks are pretty well busted on all 3 of mine.
Windwaker: entrance of final dungeon again
Majora's Mask: I am playing this on VC, I am only at the beginning of the second dungeon though.
Minish Cap: beat it, nearly %100 too!

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Legend Of Zelda: Only got the first sword and that's it
Zelda 2: Hate it and refuse to play it
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/DX (GB/GBC) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages (GBC) Finished both games and linked them up to "complete" the story
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) Finished
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) Finished and tried to enjoy the online part, until people kept quitting on me

What can I say? Except for the first two I REALLY love the series. Will end up getting Spirit Tracks and finishing that one also
Is there rehab for Zelda games?

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Let's see...
LoZ = I'm pretty sure I've probably beaten this a few times. I was just a kid so I don't really remember too clearly. (Unfortunately though, when I've tried playing the game more recently I've found it to be a bit too outdated to be enjoyable.)
AoL = I've given it several tries over the years... but I always get sick of it after just a few temples so I've never gotten anywhere close to beating it.
LttP = I've beaten it several times over the years.
LA = I've beaten it several times in its original form and several more times as LADX.
OoT = I've beaten it at least a few times over the years. I've also played near to the end in MQ. (I think I got stuck on something in the new Ganon's Castle puzzles.)
MM = I've beaten it once, but I felt like I had to rush it and ignore most of the extras because it kept freezing up my GC at the worst times.
OoA/OoS = I tried switching off between both at once, rather than focusing on one and then linking (actually I intended to link both and play both again) but I couldn't beat the boss of one and I got stuck somewhere in the middle of the other. I haven't touched either of them in a while but I think I had actually erased my games and started over on both the last time I touched them...
TWW = I've beaten it once. I tried playing it again but I left it hanging partway through.
FS = I own it but I've never gotten a chance to play it. Stupid multiplayer requirement...
FSA = I've played it as a single player game and beaten it once.
TMC = I've beaten it once.
TP = I own both versions but I haven't played too far into the GC version yet. On the Wii, I've beaten it once and I've played close to the end on another run where I tried to rush through quickly and I've also played close to the end on another run where I've been playing through with three hearts.
PH = I've beaten it once, but I haven't even bothered with the online game.
LCT = I've beaten it once... just barely. This game was really difficult for me in some parts and I don't stand a chance of making top scores on everything. So I guess I'm pretty much done with this one for good.
cdi games = never played, not interested
Tingle games = never played, not interested



LoZ: Don't have it.
LoZ II: Don't have it.
ALttP:Have GBA version. At the part where you fight Aninghim first time, or whatever his name was.
LA: Don't have it.
OoT: Just finished it. OSM game!
MM: Haven't started yet.
OoA/OoS: Don't have either.
WW: Beat it twice. My favorite and first Zelda!
MC: Beat it once, using a walkthrough. At 1st temple on second file.
TP: Beat it once. At 1st dungeon on second file, and have already played for 4 hours!
PH: Beat it once. At 6th dungeon where you get the hammer on second file.

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LoZ: Finished first quest, currently up to second dungeon on second quest
AoL: Can't remember exactly how far I got through this before giving up, at least half way though
LttP: One of two Zelda games I've actually finished
LA: The second Zelda game I finished
OoT: Up to the Fire Temple
MM: Got the Goron mask
OoA/OoS: Only Zelda games I haven't played
WW: Got all the triforce maps and all but two of the triforce shards
MC: Got up to the last boss then lost my copy of the game
TP: Got up to the Desert Temple (or whatever it's called) then lost my copy of the game
PH: Can't remember how far I got in this one, good game but I lost interest when I kept having to go back to that annoying dungeon place on the first island.

Edit: I've now finished Wind Waker

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I love Zelda and I'm quite dedicated, so there a lot of Zelda games I've completed 100% (all sidequests solved, items collected and so on). Here's my list:

The Legend of Zelda: 100% (including the 2nd Quest)
The Adventure of Link: 100%
A Link to the Past: 100%
Link's Awakening: 100%
Link's Awakening DX: 100%
Ocarina of Time: 100%
Master Quest: 100%
Majora's Mask: 100%
Oracle of Ages & Seasons: 100% (played both directions at least once and got all 64 rings in all save files)
Four Swords: beaten Talus Cave once... (could never finish the game, because of missing 2nd player)
The Wind Waker: 100% (in the 2nd Quest)
Four Swords Adventures: completed the singleplayer
The Minish Cap: 100%
Twilight Princess: 100% (both GCN and Wii versions)
Phantom Hourglass: singleplayer 100% (barely touched the online mode)

Spin Offs:

BS The Legend of Zelda: 100% (played fan reconstruction, not the official release)
Ancient Stone Tablets: 100% (same here)
Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: 99% (one of the three drifter bodyguards is still missing, but I'll get him one day ^^)
Link's Crossbow Training: 100% (which means Platinum Medals in all 9 levels)

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Legend of Zelda - Finished 1st quest
AoL - Finished 1st temple xD
A Link to the Past - Finished
Ocarina of Time - Finished 2 times
Ocarina of Time Master Quest - Finished 100%
Majora's Mask - Finished 2 times (1st save almost 100%)
Wind Waker - Finished 5 times (1 save 100%)
Twilight Princess - Finished 3 times (1 save 100%)
Oracle of ages - Finished

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Legend of Zelda - 6th Dungeon
Legend of Zelda II - 1st Dungeon
A Link to the Past - Completed
Ocarina of Time - Completed Twice
Master Quest - Completed
Majora's Mask - Completed
Windwaker - Completed Five Times
Twilight Princess - Completed Twice
Oracle of Ages - Completed Three Times
Oracle of Seasons - Completed Five Times
Links Awakening DX - Completed
Four Swords Adventure - Completed
Minish Cap - 4th Dungeon
Phantom Hourglass - Completed


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