Topic: How far are you in each Mario game?

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Super Mario Bros.- couldn't get beyond the flying cheep cheeps
Super Mario Bros. 2- I think I got to the pyramid
Super Mario Bros. 3- water world
Super Mario World- the bridge
Super Mario RPG- seaside town
Super Mario 64- accessed the tower
Paper Mario- looking for bub-ulbs
Paper Mario TYD- trying to beat the dry bones within the Millennium Door
Super Mario Sunshine- um...the lighthouse?
Super Mario Galaxy- the kitchen
Super Paper Mario- complete

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I am really rubbish at bothering to complete games ... except Mario ones

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Super Mario Bros - I hate World 8
Super Mario Bros 2 Lost Levels - 4-1
Super Mario Bros 3 - Just arrived at the last world
Super Mario World - Last boo house (I guess, haven't touched the game in a long time)
Super Mario 64 - 4 stars missing to 120
Super Mario Sunshine - Done 100%
Super Mario Galaxy - Done 100%
Paper Mario - Defeated the last boss
Paper Mario TYD - Done 100%
Super Mario Land - Done 100%
Super Mario Land 2 - Done 100%
Super Mario Land 3 - Done 100%
Super Mario Rpg - Defeated last boss, trying to defeat Culex
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Defeated last boss
If Mario kart counts then I have 100% in double dash and in Mario kart wii

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Super Mario Bros- Beat it. High score: a little over 550,000
Super Mario Bros 2- Too hard!
Super Mario Bros. 3- Beat every individual level and found every friggen' secret and got bored of it when i got to Bowser lol
Super Mario World- Beat it so many times I lost count
Super Mario RPG- Beat it.
Super Mario 64- 60 stars.
Super Mario Sunshine- 42 stars otherwise it got a little boring and a little too difficut. first 20-30 stars are so memorable.
New Super Mario Bros.- Beat it.
Super Mario Galaxy- Beat it! 120 stars.
Super Paper Mario- Beat it.

I have grown to love Mario so much that really any of his games that come out are must buys since really none of his games seem to ever disappoint.

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