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How do I get entei in pokemon leafgreen? PLease help
I have been trying this method for about 4 hours and nothing happens. NO entei.
I have beaten the elite four like 20 times have the ruby and saphire and the national dex.
Here is the method

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There is no "method" to find Entei. Entei will appear at random only if you have chosen Bulbasaur as your starter, which you did. If you fly, Entei will move spots. Please note that this does take time.

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you will find entei randomly! what you do is i when you find him, he will be registered in your dex! then go in and out of a building, and everytime you come out, look at you dex were entei is and go to the location tab or map in his section! it will tell you where he is! keep doing it until your are close to him and catch him using ultra balls or quick balls!

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Pleaso note that you must have obtained the National Pokédex. It only appears in Kanto, not in Sevii Islands. Just run around in the grass all around Kanto and sooner or later you will run into it. You can keep track of it by checking its area on the Pokédex. Keep going in and out of an area without flying there and keep checking its location on the Pokédex and eventually it will be in the same area as you are. Use Max repels to avoid the other pokémon from appearing as that may scare Entei away. If you fight it, it will run away as soon as it gets the opportunity. If you still have the Master Ball, this would be the best time to use it as you don't have to bother with that problem. If you want to avoid it from running and use the Quick or Ultra Ball, make use of moves like Block or Mean Look (Golbat/Crobat can learn it) or the Shadow Tag or Arena Trap abilities (Wobbufet/Dugtrio). If you want to use those abilities make sure these pokémon are at about lv. 50 to get the best results. Another strategy is to try put it to sleep with moves like Sing, Grasswhistle or Hypnosis, that may last several turns and makes capturing easier. You can also try to whittle down its health and then paralyze it. This will linger on after battle so if it runs away it will still be paralyzed if you meet it again. This also has a 50% chance of Entei not being able to move thus giving you an extra opportunity to catch it. Try sleep first, though, at least if you don't have a good Shadow Tag/Arena Trap/Mean Look/Block etc. pokémon.

Same strategies apply if you choose a different starter and Suicune or Raikou is the legendary pokémon.

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Well, you chose the right starter, at least. Now all you have to do is run around aimlessly until he appears. He'll appear randomly, just as he always has in every other game. Just be patient. Oh, and use repels.

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I di that for over 8 hours and nothing. I have the national dex

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I di that for over 8 hours and nothing. I have the national dex

Those cowardly legendaries like to switch their locations frequently. First you just have to get lucky and encounter it for the first time in the wild, so that it registers into your pokedex. He (along with other "runaway" legendaries) switch locations every time you go to a new route or town. Just keep using those repels, check the Pokedex often, and let him come to you.


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