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I recently busted out a Nintendo 64.

There isn't anything wrong with it as it works on my boyfriends older TV.
But it won't hook up to my TV, which is a 24" Haier, model number HL24XD2.

Yes, the cables are in the right places.
Is there anything that I can do to get it to work on my TV?




Need more info than that mam.

Who are you?


Hook Up with a Nintendo 64? No thanks.

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Maybe you need to select a different input on your t.v.

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The problem lies in modern LCD TV's. They all use some form of auto-sensing to "see" what's being input and switch modes accordingly. I have the same problem with hooking up my retro consoles on a new-ish Sony LCD TV. Sometimes it just wont latch onto the video signal and and all i get is audio, no images. The only "remedy" is to keep power cycling the console until it does get detected correctly. Very frustrating

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I have my N64 connected to a modern Panasonic LCD. Sometimes I have the problem that MK_II describes (also with the PS2), but this occurs very rarely. Maybe in one of fifty cases when powering on the console. I think what Huachiman said is more likely: You have to choose a different input on your TV. There's almost always a button on your TV-remote where you can switch video inputs. On my remote it's labeled as "INPUT AV", or sometimes it's "SOURCE". You have to press it multiple times to choose different inputs.



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